Happy Gudi Padwa 2019: How to celebrate Gudi Padwa festival and New Year in Maharashtra

Gudi Padwa is one of the most important festivals for people of Maharashtra. On this day, they welcome New Year in a simple and a beautiful way. Read to know how exactly Maharashtrians celebrate it.

The festival of Gudi Padwa falls on April 6 this year. It is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by the people of Maharashtra. Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the New Year for Maharashtrians all over the world and the harvest season for those who live in Maharashtra and celebrate the festival. It usually falls in the month of March or April, according to Hindu calendar during the month of Chaitra.

Gudi means Brahma's flag and Padwa means the first day of the bright phase of the moon. Along with people in Maharashtra, it is also celebrated in different states with different names. In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, it is celebrated as Ugadi; in Tamil Nadu, they call it as Putuhandu. However, on April 6, it will be majorly celebrated in Maharashtra.

To celebrate Gudi Padwa, people buy a new green, yellow or orange silken cloth which has a zari brocade. They tie this cloth to a long bamboo stick and decorate it with neem leaves, gathi (a sweet dish) and a garland of flowers. Some also tie mango leaves to the bamboo stick. The top of the bamboo stick is covered with a silver or copper pot. This Gudi or the stick is then placed either at the gate or outside the window early in the morning to welcome the new sunrise and the new year.


Once the Gudi is placed, they do a small puja and distribute 

pedhas or barfi as the prasad. Maharastrians also draw beautiful rangolis and lit diyas outside their house to welcome the festival. For lunch, they have delicacies like puran poli or kheer. People wear new traditional clothes during Gudi Padwa. Some groups of people even carry out processions with dhol and lezim on the streets during this day.

It's a festival of joy, new beginnings and happiness!

Here's wishing everyone a very happy Gudi Padwa!

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