Happy Ugadi 2019: How to celebrate Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana new year

For the unversed, the festival of Ugadi often coincides with Gudi Padwa, the New Year day which is celebrated in Maharashtra.

Ugadi which is also known as Yugadi marks the start of Hindu New Year and the same is celebrated by the Indians across the world with great enthusiasm and fervour. The festival is widely celebrated in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. The term Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuga which means age and Adi means starts. The festival falls on the first day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month of Chaitra. For the unversed, the festival often coincides with Gudi Padwa, the New Year day which is celebrated in Maharashtra. 


On this pious day, people wear new clothes and decorate their homes and celebrate the day by greeting family members, friends and neighbours and exchange sweets and

prasadam. People also visit temples and conduct puja at their homes to offer prayers and seeks blessings.

One of the significant preparations on this day is the Ugadi Pachchadi. For the unversed, the same is prepared from jaggery, raw mango and neem leaves/ flowers) The recipe is made to remind people that one should embrace bitter and sweet things of life with grace as life is a blend of joyous and tough moments. Apart from Pachchadi, many traditional dishes such as  Pulihora and Bobbatlu are prepared. Bobbattu, a poli bread, is eaten with ghee or coconut in Telangana. In Karnataka, a special dish called Holig is prepared.

Rangolis are also an important part of the festival. With the help of powdered colors and  flowers ornamental designs are made in the households. Kavi Sammelanam and cultural events are also held.

The  greetings in Kannada are- Yugadi Habbada Shubhaashayagalu and in Telugu, the traditional greetings are as follows: kroththa yeta, ugadi panduga, palukarimpulu or ugadi


Happy Ugadi to all of you.






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