Healthcare workers in Surat’s Civil hospital celebrate a COVID patient’s birthday; WATCH humanity thriving

In a gesture beyond words, healthcare workers inspired a wave of happiness for a COVID patient by celebrating her birthday inside the hospital.
Healthcare workers celebrate COVID patient's birthday Healthcare workers in Surat’s Civil hospital celebrate a COVID patient’s birthday; WATCH humanity thriving
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Humanity is truly the god’s greatest creation, a sight to behold and an emotion to uphold above everything. No matter how tough the times are, people eventually roll back to their core instinct which is to love and be loved. COVID crisis has shaken up the country, the second wave is costing more life than anything can ever compensate and frontline workers are working round the clock. Gujarat is also a severely affected state from COVID and many hospitals have turned into COVID facilities. On 3rd May, new COVID cases found in Gujarat are 12,820 with a seven-day average of 13,864.

Humanity thrived and how at the Civil hospital in Surat where the healthcare workers took time out of their punishing work hours and dedicated a few moments to bring a smile. They took a mic in their hands and sang happy birthday with the utmost zeal of life for a senior covid patient in the hospital. Every person in the ward including other patients applauded loudly to the birthday chant and everyone, for one brief moment in their life, forgot that they were dealing with a life-threatening disease. That’s the power of humanity and it was displayed with love and affection in the birthday song.

Bring tissue and watch this post:



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People in different parts of the country are fighting for air, not a unique chemical formation but oxygen. At the very end of the day, when it came down to save lives, all anyone ever needed was air to breathe and nothing else. A bed in the hospital can be replaced by any other resting place, one doctor could take the place of another and auto can become an ambulance but the air can not be replaced by any other substance.

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