Here's how a free ride of turtles on a hippopotamus' back got risky; VIRAL video inside

Published on Aug 22, 2021 08:06 PM IST  |  77.7K
Here's how a free ride of turtles on a hippopotamus' back got risky; VIRAL video inside (Pic credit -

We have often seen videos of animals going viral on the internet. Be it dogs or cats or any other animal, people love to see their videos, and it goes viral in no time. But today, the video that is doing the rounds on the internet is that of a hippopotamus and a bale of turtles that are stationed on its back. The video shows what happens to the turtles once the hippopotamus decides to get up from his comfortable position. 

The video in question begins with a hippopotamus seated in a pond with more than half his body soaked in water. There were several turtles stationed on its back as only that part of its body was visible. Seconds later, the hippopotamus tries to get up from his comfortable position, and at that very moment, more than half of the turtles fall down in the water. This video is pure proof that free rides can sometimes get risky. The video was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Sudha Ramen. The clip has over 7k views. "Sometimes free rides can get risky (sic)," the video caption read.

Take a look: 

Netizens had a hillarious reaction to this video. One user wrote, "Both driver and vehicle dangerous." The second user wrote, "It's part of natures beauty!" Some netizens reacted with laughter emojis. Well, this video indeed is hilarious and cannot be missed by anyone. 

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