IPL 2019: Women’s T20 matches to be made a three team affair for 10 days during this season

Published on Feb 08, 2019 04:34 PM IST  |  673.6K

If there is one thing that ties all Indians together, it is cricket. On top of that, it is IPL. This year, IPL 2019 is making a very important change. Last year, BCCI had tested Women’s T20 matches during the IPL season by making two women's cricket team compete against each other in Mumbai. After the success, BCCI has planned to expand this further and has decided to involve more women cricket teams in IPL 2019. Last year, during the IPL season, BCCI conducted a match between two women cricket teams IPL Trailblazers and IPL Supernovas led by Harmanpreet Kaur and Smriti Mandhana.

After the success, IPL is now planning to extend it to three teams for this season. Not just this, instead of just 1 day, they are planning to make it a 7- to 10-day affair between three women cricket teams. As per a senior member of the BCCI, “Yes, the women’s T20 matches will be held this year also. It will be a week to a 10-day affair during the men’s IPL. Once the BCCI gets clearance from the Election Commission and Home Ministry on dates, the itinerary will be fixed.”

This was also backed by a report by ESPN that said that the number of T20 matches will be increased, but the teams will be limited to two. However, a Board Official has confirmed that at maximum three teams will be there in this season of IPL post the BCCI gets an approval. He said, “three teams with Harmanpreet, Smriti and maybe Mithali leading the sides. They play against each other once and the top two play a tournament decider. It could be a seven-day affair.”

He also said that BCCI will be picking the teams themselves as there are no sponsors who would like to buy a women’s cricket team. But, he also mentioned that if all goes well, then sponsors might come in. But, till then BCCI would be paying the women players to play in the IPL. But, amidst this good news for women’s cricket, there are also issues related to broadcast of the live matches by Star Sports and also finding 30-odd women cricketers who would be fit enough to play those matches. Also, having the women’s matches at the same time as the men’s matches in IPL might need another crew to manage the show. Despite the great news, at this time, it all appears difficult.