Jammu And Kashmir's weather report by this cute girl will win your hearts; watch video

A video of a cute Kashmiri girl from Shopian district giving weather report is going viral on the Internet. Check it out.

Kids are a bundle of joy and cuteness. Whenever they try to do something good, they end up winning our hearts. One such cute girl from Jammu and Kashmir has become Internet's favourite. Well, to be precise, she is currently internet's favourite reporter.
A girl from Jammu and Kashmir's Shopian district is winning hearts in a cute video that's going viral. In the video, the girl is talking to the camera and reporting about a secret tunnel welded by the neighbourhood children and is giving us the information about the weather. The girl uses a stick as her mic.
As reported by India Today, in the video, the girl says, "We are reporting from Shopian where snow has covered houses and building. Some children have made a tunnel here, calling it a study-place in the winters. They have actually gone in the hiding inside the tunnel. The children say that fed up with studies, they are taking a break inside this tunnel. Their parents are looking for them and are not aware of the tunnel."
Watch the video below:

The lovely girl also takes a byte from one of the children present there, but he refuses to comment. To that, the girl says, "Looks like he has gone numb from the cold."
Isn't the video and the girl adorable?

Credits: Twitter

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