Mahatma Gandhi 71st Death Anniversary: All about the controversies surrounding Gandhi’s assassination

Mahatma Gandhi 71st Death Anniversary: Here is the list of controversies surrounding his assassination. Read on to know more.

January 30 marks as the 71st death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who is known as the Father of the Nation. On this day, people pay homage to Gandhi in various ways. The day is observed as Martyr's Day. On this day, several programmes are organized across the nation and prayer sessions are held in Rajghat at Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial. Prime Minister and other government officials and chiefs lay wreaths at the memorial of Gandhi. Prayers are also offered at Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad on this day. For the unversed, Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Gujarat. He spent most of his life in the Independence Day struggle and was assassinated by a Hindu Nationalist, Nathuram Godse. Read on to know the controversies surrounding his assassination. 
Controversy over Hey Ram
Many people said that he cried out Hey Ram or Ram Ram but several claimed that they didn't hear him say anything. There was a lot of confusion when he died and there was no attempt made to call a doctor or get the dying man to the hospital and that's why he died within half an hour. 
Controversy over violence
After Gandhi's assassination, a lot of violence erupted in Bombay and several other places in India. There were attacks on Brahmins as the killer was a Brahmin. Police in Bombay was open firing on the rioters. 
Controversy over how his assassination could have been prevented.
One of the controversies regarding his assassination is that Mr Kalyanam who was Gandhi's secretary had said that assassination could’ve been prevented. "Had Gandhiji agreed to have security, people might have been frisked and his assassination could have been averted," Mr Kalyanam told news agency PTI.


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Controversy over five prior unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Bapu.
The first attempt to assassinate Gandhi was done in the year 1934. In 1944, apparently, Nathuram Godse was caught twice trying to attack him with a dagger. On January 20, 1948, Godse and his fellow conspirators had planned to shoot him, but they had failed.
Controversy over Godse trying to kill himself
Nathuram Godse, fired a fourth shot, apparently to kill himself, but a Royal Indian Air Force sergeant who was standing alongside stopped him and took the pistol away. The sergeant wanted to shoot Godse, but he was stopped by the police. An infuriated crowd apparently started to beat Godse with sticks. Later, he was taken to the police station.

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