Man dead 3 years ago gets COVID 19 vaccine in Gujarat; More than 10 cases reported

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Man dead 3 years ago gets COVID 19 vaccine in Gujarat; More than 10 cases reported (Representational Image credit: Getty)

The COVID 19 pandemic has claimed lakhs of lives across India and the nation continues to struggle with this deadly virus. Amid this, the COVID 19 vaccine has come up as a saviour for everyone and it is advisable that everyone should get vaccinated. And while the vaccination drive is on across the nation, some dead people have also become beneficiary of the COVID 19 vaccine. Yes! You read it right and this unusual thing has happened in Gujarat and it has left everyone shocked.

According to a report published in India Today, family members of late Hardasbhai Karingiya received an SMS about him getting vaccinated almost three years after his death. To note, Karingiya had breathed his last in 2018 and while the family even got his death certificate, they are in state of shock as they have been informed about Hardasbhai getting vaccinated on May 3 this year. Talking about the same, Hardasbhai’s nephew told India Today, “We are unable to understand how this is possible”. While the state of Gujarat has been grappling with the shortage of vaccine, there have been more than ten such cases where dead people have been declared a vaccine beneficiary.

Another similar case was reported in Dahod wherein Natwarlal Desai was declared a COVID 19 vaccine beneficiary almost a decade after his demise. The media reports suggested that Natwarlal’s son Naresh Desai had received an SMS about his father getting vaccinated. In another case, 72 year old woman was declared to have received a second dose of the vaccine a month after her death this year. Needless to say, this has left the kins of the deceased in shock and confusion.

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Anonymous : Who is truely surprised. Take solace in that someone who took the name of a dead guy to get vaccinated. That is what matters.
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