Mother’s Day 2019: When is Mother's Day Celebrated? Significance and History of the day

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and this year, Mother’s Day falls on May 12, 2019 and as India celebrates the day, we bring together the significance and importance of Mother’s Day. Read on!
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As we all know, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in the month of May, and this year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 12, 2019. This year, while all of the children will make sure to celebrate Mother’s Day by buying gifts for their mothers, and taking her out on a lunch/dinner date but have you ever wondered about the significance and history of the day? Don’t worry because before you celebrate Mother’s Day 2019, we bring you certain pointers that explain the importance of Mother’s Day.  

For all those who don’t know, the emergence of Mother’s Day can be credited to two women- Anna Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe. To begin with, back in 1872, the idea of official celebration of Mothers day in US was brought forth by Julia Ward Howe, who was an activist, writer and poet. While Julia Ward Howe suggested that June 2 should be annually celebrated as Mothers Day and should be dedicated to peace and in doing so, she wrote a passionate appeal to women to rise against war in her famous Mothers Day Proclamation, written in Boston in 1870. After tirelessly fighting for the cause, her idea spread but was later replaced by the Mother's Day holiday now celebrated in May.

Thereafter, way back in 1908, a lady named Anna Jarvis, after her mother passed away in 1905, held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Prior to this, Anna had started a campaign to recognise Mother’s Day as a holiday in the United States, however, the request to make the day a holiday was denied initially. Anna Jarvis was a peace activist and extensively worked on public health issues, and in 1911, owing to her efforts, all US states started observing the holiday. In 1941, President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation that officially established the second Sunday in the month of May as a national holiday to honour mothers. In 2002, President George W. Bush agreed to Wilson’s sentiments by acknowledging mothers in his official statement on Mother’s Day in 2002.

Talking about United Kingdom, it celebrates Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of March and in Greece, Mother’s Day is celebrated on February 2 according to the Julain Calendar. Interestingly, in most Arab countries, the day is celebrated on March 21, which is the Spring equinox. Some Catholic countries observe it on the Virgin Mary Day. However, in most ex-communist countries instead of Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day is commemorated.

Credits :Wikipedia

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