Mumbai Police says HornNotOkPlease in a VIRAL post against noise pollution

Updated on Oct 21, 2021 11:48 AM IST  |  123.1K
Mumbai Police says HornNotOkPlease in a VIRAL post against noise pollution
Mumbai Police says HornNotOkPlease in a VIRAL post against noise pollution (Pic Credits: Mumbai Police/ Instagram)

Apart from ensuring that citizens in the city are safe, and abiding by the rule of law, lately Mumbai Police has been showcasing their social media skills as well. The department has addressed many important issues through ingenious and creative social media posts in the past. These have not only helped get the message across, but also entertained netizens, as they marvel at the spirit and genius of the police department. This time around, Mumbai Police have another special post as they address the issue of noise pollution in the city. 

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Earlier today, the Mumbai Police took to its social media space and shared a creative post on noise polluters. Taking to its official Instagram handle, they posted two images. In the first image, they asked netizens to choose one option from a total of four to identify their driving personality. All the four options had different kinds and intensities of horn sounds made by riders and drivers on the road. After choosing one option, the first image asked netizens to swipe left to the next image, which had the words, “YOU ARE A NOISE POLLUTER”. 

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Sharing this image, they captioned the post with the apt hashtag ‘#HornNotOkPlease’. The caption read, “Every time you press the horn, it defines your driving personality. स्वतःची ओळख नक्की काय ठेवायची हे आपल्याच हातात आहे! ध्वनी प्रदुषण करणारे की नियंत्रण करणारे? #HornNotOkPlease”. 

Take a look: 

As soon as they shared the post, netizens flooded it with likes and comments. One user wrote, “Honestly I don't remember the last time I honked. Patience is the key”, while another user commented, “Wo music instruments wale horn kab aayenge?”. A third user said, “sorry but in my bike there is no horn.” 

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Did you like Mumbai Police’s creative effort at curbing noise pollution? Tell us in the comments below. 

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