Mumbai Police shares hilarious accuses people make to leave house amidst COVID 19 with a disclaimer

In a viral post on Instagram, Mumbai Police’s official handle has shared some of the funniest and weirdest reasons people have given to keep out during the lockdown.
Mumbai police Insta account shares funny excuses on World Laughter Day Mumbai Police shares hilarious accuses people make to leave house amidst COVID 19 with a disclaimer
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Mumbai Police is perhaps the funniest governmental social media account in India. With the wit, sense of humour, and disciplinary actions against movie stars, they have garnered fan expectations to be funny even in tough times. Mumbai Police’s handle takes everything in a vein of humour be it people breaking occasional traffic rules or making unusual demands. The way Mumbai Police handle things is refreshing, something youngsters can connect to, and the perfect use of social media in order to not only inform but entertain as well.

On World Laughter Day, Mumbai Police shared a series of posts on Instagram where they mentioned the funniest comments police had to hear in the name of the request. It is understandable that some people would want to go out despite the restricted lockdown in Mumbai but the lame excuses make it funny. Perhaps Mumbai city has an amazing sense of funny because these are some of the things police officers heard from people when they requested to roam around in the city. Not to mention, there is no provision to grant permission for these reasons.

Take a look at the post:

These are some of the funnier ones that got noticed by the Mumbai Police but the dire situation in Maharashtra especially Mumbai is not to be taken lightly by the citizens. The total number of COVID 19 cases in Maharashtra is 8,83,063 between 19 April - 2 May. Maharashtra was one of the first states that went under lockdown in the second COVID wave for fifteen days starting from 15 April to 1 May. Considering that the cases did not curb as expected, the lockdown was increased further for fifteen days.

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