Mumbai Rains trends on Twitter as Monsoon arrives in the city; Mumbaikars call it a 'blockbuster opening'

The city of Mumbai woke up to a heavy downpour as the Monsoon announced its arrival. As rain lashed out in several parts of the city, Twitterati shared their takes on the after-effects of the downpour.
mumbai monsoon,mumbai rains Mumbai Rains trends on Twitter as Monsoon arrives in the city; Mumbaikars call it a 'blockbuster opening'(Pic Credit: Getty Images)
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Monsoon has arrived in Mumbai and well, it has come with a bang. Mumbaikars woke up to heavy downpour as rain lashed out in several parts of the city. While the Mumbai rains certainly brought the mercury down and made the weather pleasant, it also led to many netizens worrying about waterlogging, traffic and much more. IMD Mumbai also mentioned to ANI that the heavy downpour on Wednesday morning was due to the arrival of monsoon in the city. 

Dr Jayanta Sarkar, Deputy Director General (DDG), IMD Mumbai told ANI, "Monsoon has arrived in Mumbai today, normal arrival date is 10th June every year so it has arrived prior to the average arrival date." Meanwhile, as rain came down pouring in the city, many Mumbaikars took to their social media handles to share photos and videos of the heavy downpour. Some shared pictures of enjoying a cup of tea and vada pav in the rain while others enjoyed the cool breeze due to the rain. However, amid this, there were some who were concerned about the after-effects of the rain in parts of the city.

Take a look:

A Twitter user wrote, "The rains have gathered momentum. Calls for the garam bhajiyas and tez chai. #MumbaiRains #Mumbai." Another wrote, "Sleepy mornings and hearing the soothing rainfall." Another Twitter user was worried about getting COVID 19 vaccine slot amid the rains and wrote, "what a day to get vaccination slot really heavy rains #MumbaiRains .Good that I am close to home." Another expressed relief as rain poured down and wrote, "Finally the Rain Gods have arrived in Mumbai Missing #MumbaiRains The Season of pakora, vadapav Stay safe Mumbai coz it doesnt rain in Mumbai it pours."

Here's how Mumbaikars reacted:

With the weather becoming pleasant, surely Mumbaikars are in for a good day. However, with the rain pouring in, many are also worried about the impact it may have on their day-to-day activities. What's your take on Mumbai Rains? Tell us in the comment section.

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Anonymous 5 days ago

Rains , Covid , unemployment , job loss .... sorry dont want to sound negative but it feels negative if you are a common man .