Neha Dhupia joins hands with Facebook against sharing child abuse content online; Urges people to report it

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Neha Dhupia joins hands with Facebook against sharing child abuse content online; Urges people to report it

Content Warning: The article contains references to child abuse.

Neha Dhupia is known for wearing her heart on the sleeve. The actress never shies away from sharing her views, be it about relationships, breastfeeding, motherhood and more. Clearly, Neha has impressed her fans with her thoughts. And now, the diva is once again making the headlines for her recent initiative in order to help children be safe online. The actress has joined hands with Facebook and civil society organizations - Aarambh India Initiative, Cyber Peace Foundation and Arpan to encourage people to report, and not share child abuse content online.

Talking about the same, Neha mentioned that it is important to report if they come across child abuse content online instead of sharing it so it doesn’t harm children further and ensure online child safety. “I’ve seen this happen and it’s not right. We tend to share content that comes to us without thinking of the repercussions, even when it is content pertaining to child abuse. It may be a well-intentioned way of making people more aware of the negative events around us, but the impact it has on the child who’s the subject of such content is large. So today, in partnership with Facebook, I want to spread awareness that when you see such pieces of content, please DON’T SHARE, rather REPORT IT,” she was quoted saying.

Earlier, Neha has also started a campaign about breastfeeding awareness named #FreedomtoFeed and spoke about how several public spaces are not conducive for breastfeeding. "Once when we were on an outdoor shoot, I had to go behind a tree to feed Mehr. The facility of nursing rooms should be made mandatory in public spaces. Often, mums quit breastfeeding soon after giving birth because they have to go to work. I would feed Mehr on set and fortunately, everyone around was so understanding," said Dhupia.

(If you know someone who is struggling with abuse, please reach out and report about it. There are several helplines available for the same.)

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