Netizens react to 2019 Union Budget with hilarious Bollywood memes; check it out

The Union Budget for the year 2019 was announced today and Twitter is flooding with reactions from all over the country

Back in 2014, Bharatiya Janata Party won 282 seats, the biggest victory by any party in 30 years. This year, once again Prime Minster Narendra Modi and his party won a landslide victory in the world’s largest election, the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. According to the results, no Indian prime minister has returned to power with a similar mandate in nearly five decades.

Today was a very important day for the citizens of our country. Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who is the second woman finance minister of India after Indira Gandhi, presented the Union Budget 2019 in the Parliament today. PM Modi called the budget citizen-friendly and development-friendly. He went on to add, “There is ease of living for people. Country is full of hope.” While Kapil Sibal, who thinks otherwise, stated, “It is vision-less and provision-less.”

Well, netizens too have many reactions regarding how the 2019 Union Budget is affecting them and the people around them. All day, social media websites, such as Twitter, have been flooding with messages regarding the same. However, the funniest and most attractive reactions were the ones made using hilarious Bollywood memes.

Check out some of the tweets right here and share your reactions with us.


Credits: Twitter


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