Newlywed woman gets 1000 kg fish & 250 kg sweets as special gift from her father on Ashadha Masam

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Newlywed woman gets 1000 kg fish & 250 kg sweets as special gift from her father on Ashadha Masam (representational pic credit: Getty)

Weddings have been a huge business in India for ages. Not that the wedding ceremonies take place on a large scale with several ceremonies, but the post-wedding rituals also grab the attention. Given the customs and traditions in India, the bride’s family makes sure to give everything they can to their daughter during the wedding ceremonies. And while a father leaves no stone unturned when it comes to giving gifts to his daughter, a newlywed Andhra Pradesh woman grabbed the headlines after she got a special gift from her father.

According to a report published in India Today, an enthusiastic father in Andhra Pradhesh has sent huge quantities of fish and sweets to his newlywed daughter in Ashadha Masa. For the uninitiated, Ashadha Masam is the holy month in the Telugu tradition and is important for newlyweds. In this holy month, the new bride receives gifts from her parents. On the holy occasion, Battula Balarama Krishna, a prominent businessman from Rajahmundry sent 1000 kg fish, 1000 kg vegetables, 250 kg prawns, 250 kg grocery items, 250 jars of pickles, 250 kg sweets, 50 chicken, 10 goats to his newlywed daughter Pratyusha’s residence in Yanam, Puducherry as she celebrated her first Ashadham.

Clearly, Battula Balarama Krishna wanted Pratyusha’s first Ashadham to be the most memorable one and he has left no stone unturned to do the same. The media reports also suggested that when the truck full of gifts had arrived at Pratyusha’s in-law’s residence, the huge amount of gifts everyone shocked.

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