PIC: Peacocks from Rajasthan go viral; Tweeple say ‘learn social distancing from them amid COVID 19 crisis’

A photo of peacocks sitting away from each other at a government school in Roon (Nagaur), Rajasthan is going viral on social media. Twitterati have been hailing the photo and urging people to take inspiration from them to practice social distancing amid Coronavirus lockdown.
PIC: Peacocks from Rajasthan go viral; Tweeple say ‘learn social distancing from them amid COVID 19 crisis’
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Coronavirus or COVID 19 pandemic has affected the lives of people across the globe. Due to the same, India also enforced a 21-day lockdown period and urged people to maintain social distancing from each other when they step out to get essentials. Amidst this, the number of cases in India is on the rise and the doctors are battling it out with the contagious disease. Due to the lockdown, very few people and cars are seen on streets and hence, wildlife has come out of the wilderness and is roaming free. 

Amidst this, a photo of the national bird peacock has been going viral on social media. In the photo shared on social media, we can see a number of peacocks sitting together in an empty government school in Nagaur, Rajasthan. However, the thing that left Twittarati impressed was the fact that all the peacocks were lying at a distance from each other. Amid Coronavirus outbreak, the government and doctors have been urging people to maintain social distancing and hence, the photo left netizens in awe of how the national birds were sitting away from each other. 

Seeing the same, several users shared the photo and it went viral on social media. A user shared the same photo and wrote, “Learn social distancing amid lockdown from our national birds.  Peacock edition. A click from Govt. School, Roon (Nagaur). Via @SocialChartered.” Another user commented on the photo and wrote, “Smart, they realize the value of space if they spread their wings.” 

Check out the viral photo of peacocks:

Meanwhile, several reports have claimed that the 21-day lockdown may extend. However, nothing has been officially announced by the government. Certain states like Odisha and Punjab have announced the lockdown extension till May 1 amid the rising number of cases of Coronavirus. In India, the maximum number of COVID 19 positive cases have been coming in from Maharashtra, New Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. 

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