Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses BJP workers; Calls India’s fight against Coronavirus as a ‘Lambi Ladai’

Updated on Apr 06, 2020 11:05 PM IST  |  793.7K

In India’s fight against the novel Coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a junta curfew on March 22, 2020, and in an attempt to appreciate the efforts of the people fighting the Coronavirus outbreak such as doctors, police and other people working at the frontline, Modi urged everyone to cheer and clap from their homes. Thereafter, due to the rising cases of Coronavirus, Modi imposed a nationwide lockdown until April 13. Yesterday, Modi’s call for 9 PM 9 minutes was followed by the people of the country as aam-junta and B-town celebs, alike, stepped out in their balconies and lighted a candle to pray for a brighter future.

Now, today morning, as India nears the end of the second week of the lockdown, Modi addressed the BJP Karyakartas on account of Bharatiya Janata Party's 40th foundation day, and during his address, Modi reiterated that the fight against Coronavirus is a long battle as he said, “I state it with full responsibility that this is a long war against Coronavirus pandemic. But we do not have to get tired or take a rest in this war. We have to emerge victorious. Today, the country has only one goal & one resolve - to win this war.” Also, terming Coronavirus as a war, Modi sought financial help from the BJP workers as he said that in times of crisis, mothers and wives donate their jewellery and gold, poor empty their purses and pointing at the current Coronavirus crisis, Modi urged the BJP workers to come forward and help battle the crisis.

“We've seen people donate to PM-CARES fund, and my appeal to BJP cadre is to contribute to this fund and appeal to 40 people to do so as well,” PM said. Furthermore, Modi said that whenever BJP has been given the opportunity to serve, it has focused on good governance and empowering the poor. “In line with the party's ethos, our karyakartas (workers) have worked hard to bring a positive difference in the lives of many and done great social service," Modi wrote on Twitter, adding. “Tributes to all those who have toiled hard to build the party for decades, due to which BJP has got the opportunity to serve crores of Indians across our nation's length and breadth.”

Check out Prime Minister Narendra Modi's tweet as he addressed the BJP workers here:

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