Shashi Tharoor shares a fake matrimonial ad; Twitterati troll him saying 'It’s created with a mobile app'

I created the ad with the intention of encouraging people to take the vaccine, says Savio Figueiredo, the creator of the fake matrimonial advertisement.
Shashi Tharoor (Twitter) Shashi Tharoor (Twitter)
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The Covid 19 pandemic has impacted every human’s life in some or the other way. While through the last year, we have seen memes around how everyone is stuck inside their respective homes due to breaking the chain of virus. And now, with vaccination gaining prominence in our lives, the topic of getting jabbed has been the topic of discussion across social media platforms. While there are campaigns going on globally encouraging the citizens to get vaccinated, there are some who have started to use this as a marketing tool.

A matrimonial advertisement has now gone viral on twitter, which also throws light on how our lives have changed due to the pandemic. In the clipping, a woman has demanded for a groom who has been administered with both doses of Covishield vaccine. The advertisement was said to have appeared on June 4, however, it grabbed the eyeballs a couple of days later, when a social media user posted it. Reacting to the matrimonial advertisement, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor had a rather quirky take on social media. He tweeted, “Vaccinated bride seeks vaccinated groom! No doubt the preferred marriage gift will be a booster shot!? Is this going to be our New Normal?”

Vaccines aside, the Roman Catholic girl in the advertisement was looking to marry a postgraduate, patient, humorous and independent groom. While some laughed at the image on the face value, many social media users pointed out that it’s a fake clip created using an application. “This is a Fake image. So clear when you look at it,” tweeted Arun. Another user, K Tony Jose pointed out, “That paper cutting is fake. Created with a mobile app.”

Sanatan was rather sarcastic in his tweet, “I used to create such fake newspaper articles when I was in class 8th. Too bad you're still there.” As the debate grew intense, a man named Savio Figueiredo, from Goa, took the ownership of creating the image in question and informed that it was a “harmless” advertisement that he had created to encourage people to get vaccinated. “I created the ad with the intention of encouraging people to take the vaccine and posted it on my Facebook page. Someone got the bull by the tail, thought it was real, and now it has gone viral,” he told Indian 

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