Surat Fire Tragedy: Ketan Jorawadia risks his life to save two girls; internet calls him a true hero

In a horrific incident, a massive fire broke out in a coaching centre in Surat, killing at least 20 students on Friday

A massive fire broke out in a coaching centre at the Takshila Complex of Surat, Gujarat. The coaching centre was located on the third and fourth floor and the horrific incident saw the death of 20 students. Some died due to suffocation while the rest got injured while attempting to jump out of the windows of the building. The commercial complex is located in Sarthana Area.

One brave man, identified to as Ketan Jorawadia, risked his life to help the students out of the building. He managed to climb out of the third floor of the building onto the ledge and saved 2 girls from falling in the fire.

A user on Twitter shared Ketan’s photograph along with the caption: “This boy is Ketan Jorawadia .He is the same boy who saved atleast 2 girls from falling in Surat coaching fire. He could have easily saved his life.The fire & smoke was scary instead this boy stayed at the 3rd floor & saved 2 girls from fallinf. Salute Ketan .U redefined bravery !” Soon after, internet users showered praises for the fearless man and hailed him a brave hero.

Check out some of the tweets:


Credits: Twitter


Super act of bravery....!

He is Super hero ,and others are coward,busy in making video instead of helping the students.if people were aware and helpful on that day so many students could saved on that day.....

Super hero

Real hero

He is a real hero ... salute deserving

The réal super hero...

Wow simply great God bless you

Thank so much two girls saved

We need such courageous act of brave hearts ike Ketan
Many others could have doe but ignored thinking who will take risk.
We salute you Ketan.

God bless you and your family abundantly!

true life hero he has more guts than anyone of your bollywood freak shows

A real hero

God bless you. This selfless act is what we all need to possess.


he is a hero undoubtedly

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