Triggered by tourists thronging Himachal Pradesh, Twitterati flood memes; Worry about 3rd wave of COVID 19

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Triggered by tourists thronging Himachal Pradesh, Twitterati flood memes; Worry about 3rd wave of COVID 19 (Pic Credit: Getty Images)

As the COVID 19 restrictions of travel to Himachal Pradesh have been reduced by the state government, there has been a surge of tourists footfall to several hill stations including Manali, Shimla, Kasauli, Chail, Dharamshala and other places. Images of long traffic jams, jam-packed mall roads with tourists flouting all social distancing norms have hit social media and raised concerns about the 3rd wave of the COVID 19 pandemic. Photos of tourists walking alongside each other without worrying about COVID 19, has triggered a meme fest on social media. 

Apart from the lowering of COVID 19 travel restrictions like withdrawal of mandatory RT-PCR negative report and E-COVID pass to enter Himachal Pradesh, the heatwave in North India and summer vacations in schools are also reasons for the increase in tourists at hill stations. Amid this, experts and authorities have been worried about the probable third wave that the tourists who travel to Himachal may lead to. Some users have been questioning how tourists have been complaining of no hotel beds available in HP and comparing it with the situation amid the second wave where many could not find hospital beds. 

A Twitter user wrote, "If #3rdWave Hits Wish Only these Idiots Fall ill & not those who are staying safe and trying to break the chain of this deadly virus #COVID19" Another user wrote, "Why is it so hard for people to understand that this behavior ll take us all from "no bed in hotels" to "no bed in hospitals" AGAIN!!!" Another user shared photos from Manali and wrote, "We're lowering our guard and removing our masks once again. It seems that we haven't learned any lessons from the disastrous Second Wave.  Yes, what we have definitely learned is to blame the government while completely ignoring our own mistakes. Mask up, idiots! #3rdWave."

Take a look at Twitter memes and posts:

Meanwhile, amid the rise in COVID 19 vaccination numbers in India, on Monday, as per Times Of India's quote by the Ministry of Health, the total recoveries from COVID outnumbered the daily cases for the 53rd consecutive day. The government bulletin reported the daily positivity rate in India, at 2.61%. Reportedly, as per the data by the government, the MHA administered over 36.97 Crore vaccine doses to states and UTs.

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Anonymous : where is madam kangana, this is happening in her home state, she was criticizing Maha govt soo much, where is she hiding now!!!
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Anonymous : Where is the govt? what is it doing sitting on its hands? why are they not keeping tabs of fools traveling and limiting the numbers allowed? again , What is the govt. doing?
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