Urbanpod: Indian Railways introduce new stay concept for travellers coming to Mumbai

Updated on Nov 19, 2021 02:46 AM IST  |  104.3K
Urbanpod: Indian Railways introduce new stay concept for travellers coming to Mumbai

Indian Railways has introduced a new concept of stay for people coming to Mumbai. The department has also shared a glimpse of the new pod rooms that were inaugurated at Mumbai Central railway station. The pod concept retiring rooms will provide world-class comfort to travelers at affordable rates. To note, a pod hotel is also known as a capsule hotel has a number of small rooms that contain a single bed each. Such hotels were first started in Japan to provide cost-friendly yet comfortable accommodation to travelers. 

Urbanpod was one of the first boutique pod hotels to open in India. The facility consists of a total Pod inventory of 48, comprising of 3 categories, namely 30 Classic Pods, 7 Ladies only, 10 Private Pods and One for Differently Abled as well. The Classic Pods and Ladies only Pods will comfortably fit for one guest, the Private Pod will also have a private space within the room, whereas the Room for Differently abled will comfortably fit 2 guests with space for free movement of Wheelchair. 

Western Railway CPRO, Sumit, said to ANI, “A student or a job aspirant who doesn't want to go to hotel for a few hours can stay here at affordable rates. Time is b/w 12-24 hrs with all facilities.”

Take a look here:

The swanky new pod rooms at Mumbai Central have been done up in muted shades of beige, brown and white. The pods come with a single bed, a mirror and a personal safe, among other amenities. A capsule hotel features a large number of small bed-sized rooms known as capsules.

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