Valentine’s Day 2019: Reason behind celebrating this festival of love each year

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Every year, the day is celebrated by people who are in love on February 14. However, not many people know the reason behind celebrating this day of love. Here’s why we celebrate the festival of love each year.

Every year, 14th February is marked as the festival of love which is popularly known as the Valentine’s Day. On this day, everyone who is in love express their emotions and feelings to their beloved. Couples go out and celebrate this beautiful festival of love. People exchange greeting cards, gifts and more with their partner. The modern-day celebration includes going on dates with one’s partner or on a holiday or just spending a day doing things that a couple loves. However, Valentine’s Day wasn’t always known as the day of love.

Valentine’s Day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine. It never was an extravagant celebration of love when it initially began and was more of a day to remember Saint Valentine. However, modern-day notions involve doing many lovey-dovey things for their beloved. But, many people don’t know why this day of love is celebrated. So, we bring to you in detail the reason why we celebrate the festival of love, i.e. Valentine’s Day. 

The story of Saint Valentine

On this day back in 269 AD, a priest named Valentine was martyred. Saint Valentine was punished by the ruler of the Roman Empire, Claudius II for officiating marriages in secret when he had banned it in the entire kingdom as it distracted soldiers from doing their duty. Thus, he was persecuted by the Roman King. However, it is said that before being executed Saint Valentine made the judge’s blind daughter see again and wrote a letter as a farewell. He signed off on it as “Your Valentine.” Post this, it was Pope Gelasius who declared the day of February 14th in honour of Saint Valentine at the end of the 5th century. 

Also, another legend states that it is the day to commemorate the death of Saint Valentine. Many theories also state that the Christians wanted to christen the festival of Lupercalia which was celebrated back in the days, and hence, they declared that mid-February would be celebrated as the Feast of Saint Valentine’s. Though stories related to Valentine’s Day are vague and murky, the popularly known tale behind celebrating the day is the one above-mentioned. 

After this, the festival started being celebrated in Great Britain in the 13th century and slowly by

17th century, people started exchanging greetings of love on this day. Later, the festival grew and started spreading across the globe. Thus, this is why Valentine’s Day is celebrated. 


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