Viral Video: Dog takes a relaxing massage at car wash; Tweeples in love with doggo’s wit

Updated on Jun 25, 2021 05:08 PM IST  |  617.4K
Viral Video: Dog takes a relaxing massage at car wash; Tweeples in love with doggo’s wit (Pic Credit- Harsh Goenka Twitter)

If a person is in a bad mood, they can use social media for some relaxation. Twitter and Instagram do more of an entertaining job and one can regularly find some viral videos or pictures to lift their mood. Recently, RPG Group Chairman, Harsh Goenka shared a funny video of a dog. The industrialist often shares viral videos on his Twitter handle and his videos receive immense attention from people. The latest video has been recorded at a car wash, which was originally shared by Hardi Singh, ADGP Assam Police. Later, Harsh Goenka shared the video on Twitter. The video has over 70,000 views.

In the 58-seconds long video, we can see cars getting washed by giant brush rollers that move up and down for proper cleansing of the wagons. Just as the brush roller comes down, a dog goes and stands under it and gets a relaxing massage from the long bristles of the giant brush. The dog seemed to be loving the massage. Sharing the video on Twitter, Harsh Goenka wrote, “Free massage anyone?”

Take a look at the video- 

The video gathered many comments from people. Some appreciated the dog's smartness and some showed compassion to it. A user wrote, “Animals are intelligent, only drawback is that they can’t speak and express themselves in words but by their actions, they convey what is there in their minds”. Similarly, another user wrote, “That feels like chillinnn on someone’s else’s free spa coupons”. One more user commented, “Such a positive tweet with humour as an icing”.

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