VIRAL VIDEO: Kolkata man playing classic Bollywood songs on a violin leaves Twitterati impressed

A man identified as Bhogoban Mali from Kolkata has managed to leave Twitter in awe of his talent of playing the violin. His video of playing tunes of old songs from Hindi films has gone viral on social media.
trending videos,Viral Videos VIRAL VIDEO: Kolkata man playing classic Bollywood songs on a violin leaves Twitterati impressed(Pic Credit: Getty Images)
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Amid the COVID 19 pandemic, several people are looking for ways to keep themselves busy and engaged and social media comes to rescue at such times. Amid all this, a video of an elderly man playing the violin in the streets of Kolkata has caught the attention of netizens and is going viral. The video was initially tweeted by Aarif Shah and later was retweeted by music composer Savvy Gupta. The composer was impressed by the talent and urged his followers to help the talented yet struggling artist.

In the video, we get to see the elderly man standing in front of a shut shop while playing the tunes of classic Bollywood songs like Ajeeb Daastaan and Deewana Hua Pagal. All masked up, the man continued to play the tunes of the songs till the end. Seeing the 2 minute and 5 second long video, Twitter users were not only impressed but also wanted to know more details of the artist so that help could be arranged for him. The video has over 80.9 K views and is taking over the internet gradually. 

Take a look:

A user wrote, "All the things are classic! Shot in front of a shop selling vintage HMT!" Another wrote, "Any way to help this artist ?" Another wrote, "Wow that is just awesome..what a talent." Another wrote, "Super talented. Pray some help reaches him soon." 

The video has surely evoked a strong reaction from netizens as the old man's talent of playing the violin has tugged at people's heart strings. What do you think about the video? Tell us in the comments. 

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