VIRAL VIDEO: Man lets a bird eat from his plate; Netizens applaud the gesture

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VIRAL VIDEO: Man lets a bird eat from his plate; Netizens applaud the gesture (Pic Credit- Megharaj Desale Instagram)

A human being needs to always be understanding and kind to everyone, especially animals and birds, who at times depend on us for everything. Recently, an Instagram user named Megharaj Desale recorded a video that won the hearts of many. In the viral video, we can see that a man is peacefully having his meal at an eatery when a bird approaches his table and starts pecking on the food from the plate. The person then offers food to the bird and both continue eating from the same plate. The video was uploaded on Instagram and has collected more than 2 lakhs likes and views.  

The man sharing his food with the bird is Megharaj Desale’s father. The video, which was being recorded by Megharaj, while sharing, he wrote, “#maydad #pappa #animallavers #birds #devmanus”. Apart from likes, the video gathered immense love from viewers in the comments section. A user commented, “Bird selected a good hearted man he is a good man”. Another user wrote, “Nice sir”. Meanwhile, another user commented, “Dada khup chan ....dil khush kel tumhi”. Truly, Megharaj's father's act is full of compassion and kindness.

Take a look at Meghraj Desale's Instagram video- (Click Here)

Megharaj’s father seems to be fond of birds and animals as there is one more video of his dad on his Instagram. In another video, we can see the man opening a cage covered with a cloth, and just as he opens the cage, several birds fly away into the surroundings. Talking about such heartwarming activity, there’s another person named Joseph in Tamil Nadu who feeds thousands of parrots and pigeons every day. Joseph buys rice in large quantity and lays it on many wooden planks for the birds to eat.

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