Viral Video: Netizens can’t seem to get enough of this elephant’s stylish walk

He seems to be a model among the elephants, such a beautiful walk, said the tweet which showcases the most elegant way of walking by the gentle giant.
Viral Video of elephant walking gracefully Viral Video: Netizens can’t seem to get enough of this elephant’s stylish walk
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Elephants are some of the calmest creatures on the planet, despite their massive outlook, they are always patient and in control of their surroundings. There have been several viral videos of the elephants over the year where the jumbos are bathing, playing around, interacting friendly with humans but the recent one is truly unique. In a tweet shared, netizens have spotted one of the most elegant elephants ever caught on camera. The elephant is walking slowly and stylishly as the people have compared its walk to that of a model. The patient mammal is being called the ramp walking model amongst the other elephants.

IFS officer Parveen Kaswan shared the video on Twitter. “He seems to be a model among the elephants. Such a beautiful walk,” he tweeted. The video shows an elephant walking along a path in a jungle. The video has garnered huge popularity on social media and has amazed users in thousands. Since the last two days, the video has accumulated nearly 33,000 views. It has also gathered more than 2,600 likes and tons of comments. The video has gone viral since and people are expressing how amazed they are by looking at such a graceful walk by an elephant. 

Take a look at the tweet:

Pointing out a hilarious old term for the walk of the elephant, one Twitter user wrote, “Our ancestors didn't coin the term 'Gajagamini' for nothing.” Catwalk is wrong it should be called elephant walk,” shared another. “Yes and background music is so soothing,” wrote the third user.

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