WATCH: Delhi youth provide 'Oxygen Langar' in cars for Covid 19 patients as India continues to battle crisis

Updated on Apr 29, 2021 02:15 PM IST  |  777.9K
Oxygen Langar in Delhi during Covid 19 crisis.
WATCH: Delhi youth provide 'Oxygen Langar' in cars for Covid 19 patients as India continues to battle crisis.

As India grapples with an oxygen emergency in face of the Covid-19 crisis, a group of Delhi youth have come together to provide some much needed relief to those in need of oxygen. Pinkvilla got its hands on a video from a Delhi locality wherein the youth converted a street into oxygen langar as they helped needy patients. In the video, several patients can be seen lined up in their cars or auto-rickshaws with the patient sitting inside and an oxygen cylinder attached outside. 

Braving the scorching summer heat, relatives of the patient can be seen waiting outside the car as the patient continues to stay put inside the car. In a video shared by Harjinder Kukreja, the youth can be seen providing the oxygen cylinders. Not just in Delhi, but several places in Uttar Pradesh have also been arranging oxygen for needy patients. 

Recently, oxygen was provided at a Sikh gurudwara in Ghaziabad city on the outskirts of Delhi and several patients were seen grasping for breath. 

Take a look at the video from Delhi below:


Oxygen Langar's as well as India's deadly second Covid19 wave has gained limelight by the international media. For six days in a row, India has been recording over 3 lakh cases and record deaths every 24 hours.    

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Anonymous : Where are the so called celebs now ? Citizens fending for citizens , that’s what humans with hearts do . While you people sit in your bunkers and hoard .movie industry too is a superspreader in Mumbai . Biz as usual attitude
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Anonymous : you go Hemkunt foundation! so much love respect and support for you!!!!!!
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Anonymous : Where is the funding coming from?? Security services must investigate!
REPLY 2 5 months ago
Anonymous : It's a langar, do you not know the meaning of that. Sikhs are known for their charity, unlike what the Godi media portrays them to be.
REPLY 5 5 months ago
Anonymous : from Sikh people, like me, who donate to the Gurudwara
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Anonymous : Are you serious???
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Anonymous : You are such a idiot!!! Sitting comfortably on your couch and questioning people’s motives who are doing some seva. Go hide your face!!
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Anonymous : no one asked that question since 550 years when it first started and has been going on every single day since then. You're an idiot of the highest order. Bhakt!
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