A wife's desperate plea at resuscitating her dying COVID 19 positive husband is a heartbreaking sight

*TRIGGER WARNING* Renu Singhal's husband Ravi, a critically ill COVID-positive patient, sadly passed away in his wife's arms inside an auto-rickshaw after three hospitals turned the couple down citing oxygen shortage.
Renu Singhal is currently staying in quarantine. Renu Singhal provides mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her husband Ravi inside an auto-rickshaw.
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*TRIGGER WARNING* Heartbreaking pictures have been splattered all across social media when it comes to India's worsening second wave of COVID-19. Many have had to undertake risky methods to help save their loved ones as there's a major shortage of oxygen supply available. For Renu Singhal, a 45-year-old Agra resident, it meant even putting her own life at risk for her dying COVID-19 positive husband Ravi, 47.

According to Telegraph India, after three hospitals turned down the couple citing oxygen shortage, in a desperate plea, Renu performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation - which isn't a recommended procedure for a highly infectious COVID-19 patient - on the critically ill Ravi but unfortunately, he died in her arms inside the auto-rickshaw they were travelling to various hospitals in. What is even more heartbreaking is that the couple was on their way to a fourth hospital that apparently had oxygen. Sharing her story with reporters, who visited her after the gut-wrenching photos were all over social media, Singhal revealed that her husband was weak and couldn't get off the auto and walk into the emergency room with no stretcher, trolley or hospital employee immediately available to assist in carrying him inside. Renu shared that Ravi was COVID-19 positive, had a high fever and was in home isolation.

When her husband complained of having breathing problems on April 24, Saturday, Singhal decided to take him to the hospital. When the government's ambulance helpline (108) didn't respond, it was up to Renu to get Ravi, whose condition was worsening, into an auto-rickshaw and head to different hospitals only to be rejected by three in succession. "None of the three hospitals we visited had any oxygen left. They said they would admit my husband if we came back with an oxygen cylinder," Singhal recalled, via Telegraph India.

S.N. Medical College Hospital was the fourth hospital where apparently oxygen was available but there was no employee to help transfer Ravi. Hence, Renu tried mouth-to-mouth breathing as a desperate plea to save her husband while still inside the auto-rickshaw. When the hospital staff finally took him inside, Singhal's husband was pronounced dead on arrival.

Check out the heartbreaking image which has everyone in tears below:



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When it comes to Renu, she is currently in quarantine while it's not certain whether she has taken a COVID-19 test or not. Dr. R.C. Pandey, who is Agra district's Chief Medical Officer, was not aware of the incident. Pandey added that Agra had 34 dedicated private COVID-19 hospitals with the government doing their best in providing everything that they need.

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Notably, according to Dr. O.P. Yadav, District President of the Indian Medical Association, 10 hospitals in Agra had to discharge all their COVID-19 patients, about 1000, because of lack of oxygen. Moreover, Dr. Surendra Singh of Yashwant Hospital, Agra, disclosed to reporters that they were promised 50 oxygen cylinders a week but then the government only provided them 5 cylinders over the last 10 days. Hence, they have had to discharge their COVID-19 patients because they had no option left.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

So tragic

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

So tragic...may he RIP and my prayers for his family...

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If at all 100% lockdown is announced anytime anywhere I will fully support that .