The popular 'Bikini Climber', Gigi Wu passes away after falling off a ravine

Gigi Wu, who was called as the “Bikini Climber” by her fans and followers, lost her life following an accident in Yushan National Park, Taiwan.
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The Taiwanese hiker, Gigi Wu, who was popular on social media for capturing photos of herself in bikini on mountain peaks, dies after falling down a ravine in a park in Taiwan. The tragedy took place on Saturday leaving her gravely injured and freezing to death.

With the use of a satellite phone, Wu was able to inform her friends about the incident and sought for help. Unfortunately, the helicopters found it difficult to reach her owing to bad weather conditions. Her body was spotted by officials on Monday. Efforts to retrieve her body were still underway on Tuesday.

Speaking about the incident, a Fire and Rescue Service Official said that the weather conditions in the mountains are not good. Thus, they found it difficult to bring her body down. As per the statement given by the officials, Wu informed her friends that she was unable to move the lower half of her body after falling almost 20-30 meters (65-100 feet) down the ravine.

The 36-year old hiker, native of New Taipei City, used to climb the mountains in hiking clothes and would change into a bikini after reaching the top. Last year, in an interview with a local news channel, Wu had said that she had climbed 100 mountain peaks. “I put on a bikini in each one of the 100 mountains. I only have around 97 bikinis so I accidentally repeated some.”


In a 2018 interview, Wu explained she first got the idea of posting bikini photos after losing a bet with a friend.


May she RIP but why is this news especially on here??

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