Doggo goes viral on internet for recording video on phone; Leaves Netizens surprised

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Doggo goes viral on internet for recording video on phone; Leaves Netizens surprised (Pic Credit- my_aussie_gal)

Secret, a border collie dog, has proved herself to be the smartest dog on the Internet. Secret’s Hooman posted a video of her that has been winning the hearts of many on the internet. In the video, a fluffy Secret can be seen starting the video on a phone fixed with a tripod by her nose boop. Secret then performs several tricks in front of the camera like hopping, turning around, and skipping. She also waves her paws in front of the camera. People are watching the adorable clip of the doggo repeatedly. 

Secret’s Hooman, Mary, made an Instagram account for her pet where she posted this video and captioned it as, “So proud of her! I’ve been working on teaching Secret how to take her own videos and pictures I wasn’t going to post this on Instagram, but I realized it made a lot of people on Tiktok smile, so I thought I’d put it here as well”. Well, within 24 hours, the video gathered more than a million likes and views. Netizens are amazed by the cute doggo's talents of operating a phone and doing tricks. 

Take a look at Secret’s video- (Click Here)

Users dropped a lot of lovely and appreciative comments for Secret, a user wrote, “Best Dog in the whole world. simply best”, while another wrote, “Secret is the smartest dog I’ve ever seen You’re doing such an amazing job with training her!”. This is not the first time this pooch has received love from Netizens, earlier too, Secret was seen doing laundry with Mary and also doing exercises.

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