An endangered Tiger mauled to death by a potential mate at the London Zoo

In a bizarre incident, one of the endangered species of Tigers was killed by another when introduced in the Zoo to be potential mates. Read to know more.

One of the most endangered species of tigers is the Sumatran tiger. Zoos are trying to increase them in numbers by introducing potential mates to them. However, in a bizarre incident that took place in London Zoo, a Sumatran tiger killed its potential mate which was brought to the zoo for it. The female tiger named Melati was made to meet the London Zoo to mate with the male tiger named Asim. 

They were supposed to breed. Asim, the male tiger, was new at the London Zoo and was brought to London just 10 days back. Asim was put in the cage to mate with Melati. However, the enraged Asim attacked Melati and killed her. The Zoo also issued a statement and said, “Everyone at ZSL London Zoo is devastated by the loss of Melati, and we are heartbroken by this turn of events. Asim was moved to ZSL London Zoo as part of the European-wide conservative breeding program, and it was hoped that the two tigers would be able to breed in the future.”

The Zoo also informed the media that when Asim was brought to the Zoo, he was placed in a cage right beside Melati. This would give them an opportunity to smell each other without actually coming in contact. When they both projected positive signs, it was only then that they were introduced. As soon as Asim attacked Melati, the Zoo raised their alarms and also used smoke and flares to distract the ferocious tiger. However, by then, Asim had already killed Melati. Though initial care was given to Melati, she could not survive the attack.

Conservationists have been grieving over the loss of the endangered Sumatran tiger who is not more than just 400 all over the world. Asim was brought from Denmark as a part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) after it matched with Melati. However, this proved fatal. 


Credits: CNN World


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