How many grandkids does Kathie Lee Gifford have? Exploring her life and bond with them as son Cody Gifford welcomes another child

Looking into Kathie Lee Gifford's story of embracing motherhood, evolving relationships, and the sheer joy of grandparenthood with candid warmth and devotion.

Published on Dec 02, 2023  |  10:08 PM IST |  102.5K
Kathie Lee Gifford greeted her third grandchild recently ( Twitter )
Key Highlight
  • Kathie Lee Gifford's journey through motherhood, emphasizing relationships with her children
  • The cherished arrival of her grandchildren marked profound moments of joy in Kathie Lee's life

Renowned TV personality, actress, author, singer, and songwriter Kathie Lee Gifford's most cherished role remains that of a devoted mother and grandmother. Her deep sense of purpose revolves around nurturing her children, Cody Gifford and Cassidy Gifford. She relishes the joys of grandparenthood with Frank Michael Gifford, Finn Thomas Wierda, and Ford Matthew Gifford.

Transformative power of parenthood

Having welcomed Cody in 1990 and Cassidy in 1993 with her late husband Frank Gifford, Kathie Lee speaks candidly about the transformative impact of motherhood. She emphasizes the seismic shift it brings, advising readiness for the life-altering journey it entails. 

Her honesty in discussing the challenges of motherhood, including her experience with mastitis, broke barriers in public conversations about parenting.

As her children matured, Kathie Lee witnessed a profound shift in her relationship with them. She fondly notes the transition from parenting to friendship, underscoring the significance of her children becoming her confidants and pillars of support.

From marriage milestones to grandparenthood

Despite Frank's passing in 2015, Kathie Lee felt his presence during significant moments, especially as both her children tied the knot in 2020. 


Expressing hopes for grandchildren, she rejoiced in 2022 with the arrival of her first grandson, Frank Michael Gifford. His birth was a heartfelt moment marked by immense gratitude and profound significance, honoring Frank's legacy.

Introducing Kathie Lee's treasured progeny

Cody Gifford, aged 33, an entertainment industry professional following his mother's footsteps, recently wed Erika Brown, prompting immense joy within the family. Cassidy Erin Gifford, a 30-year-old actress, was engaged to Ben Wierda in 2019. Kathie Lee's support for her daughter's aspirations underscores her commitment to nurturing their dreams.

As reported by People, Kathie Lee Gifford joyously greeted her third grandchild very recently, announcing on Instagram that her son Cody Gifford and daughter-in-law Erika Brown Gifford had welcomed their baby boy, Ford Matthew Gifford. She expressed heartfelt gratitude for this precious blessing, sharing her immense love for little Ford.

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What is Kathie Lee Gifford known for?
Kathie Lee Gifford is an American talk show host, singer, and actress recognized for her prominent role in hosting Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.

What is Kathie Lee Gifford's current age?
Kathie Lee Gifford is 70 years old. She was born on August 16, 1953.

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