Top FAQs about POTUS Joe Biden's kids

Did you know the US President, Joe Biden, has a HUGE family with four kids, and six grandchildren? We have covered everything that you want to know about Joe Biden's kids and grandkids.

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Joe Biden's kids and grandkids with Dr.Jill Biden, the current first lady of the United States
Joe Biden's kids and grandkids with Dr.Jill Biden, the current first lady of the United States

If you have followed President Joe Biden’s political career to the slightest degree, the likelihood of hearing bits and pieces regarding his family is high. Every now and then, we see stories of Naomi, Hunter, Beau, and Ashley Biden popping in the news for bizarre reasons and political debates.


Here are the top FAQs about POTUS Joe Biden's kids that will answer everything that you want to know about the Biden clan. Read on.

A brief about Joe Biden’s family


The Bidens have continuously aforesaid that their family is their foremost priority. Joe Biden's kids are Naomi, Beau, Hunter, and Ashley. With his late wife, Neilia Hunter, he had his three eldest children, i.e., Hunter, Beau, and Naomi.


Post her death, Joe Biden (eventually) remarried Jill Jacobs, who is now known as Dr. Jill Biden, in 1977. They share Ashley, their youngest daughter.


Joe Biden additionally has seven grandkids, who lovingly call him "Pop" and share his well-known love for frozen desserts.


All throughout the campaign trail, Joe Biden's kids and the entire family have supported him. To date, Joe Biden has never backed down to speak about his personal tragedies and triumphs with the general public.


The 46th President of the country calls all his children and grandchildren on a daily basis and with pride boasts of his fatherly title. Having said that, he has apparently made it crystal clear that he does not combine business with family, particularly when it involves running the country.

Who is Naomi Biden?


Naomi Biden was President Joe Biden’s kid (third) but his first girl child from Neilia Hunter Biden, his first wife. She was born in November 1971.


In the tragic month of December 1972, Neilia, Naomi, and their two sons went out for Christmas shopping. However, unfortunately, they met with a car accident that took the lives of Neilia and Naomi. Also, their two young boys - Beau and Hunter - suffered grave injuries from the accident and were admitted to the hospital.


Naomi was merely thirteen months of age, whereas Neilia was about thirty years old when they lost their lives to that car crash.

Who is Beau Biden?


President Joe Biden’s kid (eldest one) was his son Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III. Beau was born on the 3rd of February, 1969, and was 1st kid of President Biden and his first wife, Neilia. Beau clearly showed his desire to follow in his father's footsteps from a young age. He attended President Biden’s school, Archmere Academy, and later attended the University of Pennsylvania. Beau conjointly earned his degree from Syracuse University, similar to how his father had decades ago.


By 2003, Beau created the choice to enlist in the military. He was a locality of the Delaware Army home reserve, and by 2008, his unit was deployed to Al-Iraq, around the same time as his father’s Vice Presidential dialogue throughout the 2008 election cycle. Between Gregorian calendar month 2007 to Gregorian calendar month 2015, Beau served because of the forty-fourth professional person General of Delaware. Throughout his time in the workplace, his ways typically crossed with current VP Kamala Harris, who was at that time the thirty-second Attorney General of the Golden State of California.


The Biden family was all over again smitten by tragedy. In 2010, Beau suffered a tiny low stroke, and in 2013 underwent in-depth surgery to own a lesion far away from his brain. Beau underwent rounds of therapy and surgery while battling brain cancer. However, in the month of January 2015, President Joe Biden’s eldest son gave up the ghost at the age of forty-six.


In the years following his death, President Biden has continued to keep Beau’s memory alive, typically referencing him in campaign speeches and a lot of. “Beau had how of indoctrination courageousness and calming Pine Tree State,” he wrote in his 2017 book Promise Pine Tree State, Dad. “Beau would perpetually grab my arm simply before I walked onstage and pull Pine Tree State back toward him till I used to be wanting into his eyes. ‘Dad. Look at me. Look at me, Dad. Remember, Dad. Home base, Dad. Home base.'” Beau remained married to his wife Hallie from 2002 until he died in 2015. The couple had two kids- girl Natalie Naomi Biden, born in 2004, and son Henry M. Robert Hunter Biden II, born in 2006.

Who is Hunter Biden?

President Biden’s second son, Henry Martyn Robert Hunter Biden, was born on Feb four, 1970, to the forty-sixth President of us and his initial mate, Neilia. Hunter grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, together with his family, and like his father and older brother, Hunter additionally attended Archmere Academy for his high school education. He went on to check History at Georgetown University, graduating in 1992. He additionally attended Yale grad school, graduating in 1996.

Hunter has had a varied career as AN capitalist, banker, professional for a persuader firm, and employee in administration. Throughout the executive, Hunter served on the board of administrators of Amtrak. He additionally served within US Navy between 2013 and 2014. In conjunction with his add the non-public sector and years of public service, there’s one battle that Hunter has become a lot clear regarding as time has gone on.

Hunter struggled with intense dependence for a variety of years. He s unfolded that dark chapter in his life. However, his dad has been there for him through such a lot of pain. “I tried to urge into - I attempted to travel to my car. And my ladies virtually blocked the door to my car. He said, ‘Dad, Dad, please. You can’t. No, no,’” Hunter recalled in an interview with CBS, referring to an emotional intervention his family control. “And then he grabbed me in a tight hug,” Hunter aforementioned. “He grabbed me in a bear hug and simply cried and aforementioned, ‘I don’t recognize what to try and do. I don’t recognize what to try and do. Please—’”

Hunter continues to be open regarding his struggle with addiction, however, has reached sobriety in the previous few years. Hunter was married to Kathleen Buhle till their divorce in 2017 was finalized. They separated in 2015. Following the death of his brother, Beau, Hunter started geological dating his brother’s widow, Hallie, in 2016. Their connection over by 2019. Hunter has five kids — a girl Naomi Biden, born in 1993, a girl Finnegan Biden, born in 2000, another girl, Maisy Biden, born in 2001, a toddler with Lunden Alexis Roberts, born in August 2018 and a son named Beau born in March 2020, shared together with his second mate, genus Melissa Cohen.

Who is Ashley Biden?


Ashley Blazer Biden is another of Joe Biden's kids - the youngest one. She is a popular American social worker, activist, philanthropist, and fashion designer by profession and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.


She married Howard Krein in 2012. Howard is Jewish and is a plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist. In 2017, she founded Livelihood, an American-made cloth company.


In 2002, Ashley was arrested in Chicago and was charged with obstructing a police officer. Although, the charges were dropped after she apologized for the incident.

Does Joe Biden have two wives?


No, Joe Biden does not have two wives. Joe Biden has married twice. Nellie Hunter Biden, the first wife of Joe Biden, died on the 18th of December, 1972, along with their infant Naomi Biden, in a car crash. The three eldest Joe Biden's kids were with Nellie.


Jill Biden, the current wife of Joe Biden and the first lady of the United States, met Joe Biden in 1975 on a blind date. Jill and Joe Biden were married on the 17th of June, 1977. Out of the four Joe Biden's kids, the youngest was with Jill.

Is Naomi Biden Joe Biden’s grandchild?


Yes, Naomi Biden is one of the granddaughters of Joe Biden. She is the child of Hunter (one of Joe Biden's kids) and his first wife, Kathleen Biden. Naomi was named after her late aunt, who died in 1972. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016, and just this May, she graduated from Columbia Law School.


Naomi is the oldest grandchild of Joe Biden and was born in Dec 1993. She is the rare Biden offspring who has an active public Instagram account, where she continues to post super cute family pics and moments.


In 2021 in the month of September, she announced her engagement to Peter Neal, who was a student at the University of Pennsylvania Carey grad school. In the past, they had created a website to help Americans learn the way to achieve access to their stimulant cash throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Then this April, Naomi came to Twitter to announce that they would be having a marriage celebration at the White House. In her words, “We can not wait to officially form our commitment to each other and for what lies ahead.”


Being a member of a high-profile political family, her tweets continually provide insights into the daily lives of the Biden clan.

Who is Finnegan Biden?


Finnegan Biden is also the granddaughter of Joe Biden. She is a sister to Naomi Biden and the daughter of Hunter Biden (eldest of Joe Biden's kids). Like her sister, she was also named after her late great-grandmother Jean Finnegan Biden.

Who is Maisy Biden?


Maisy Biden is the youngest daughter of Hunter Biden (eldest of Joe Biden's kids) and Kathleen Biden. She is also a friend of Sasha Obama as they went to school together and played basketball together as they were very young when their fathers joined the White House.


Additionally, she maintains a lively presence on TikTok, often sharing content together with her huge 178K followers. In the month of November 2020, she shared a video of herself creating design together with her father, Hunter.

Who is Natalie Biden?


Natalie, age 17, is the oldest kid of the late Beau (the second one of Joe Biden's kids) and his woman, Hallie. Through the interview with Today in January 2021, Natalie shared her age-old family Thanksgiving tradition wherever she, Joe, Hunter, Maisy, and Beau would do a bear plunge, i.e., jump into the ocean in Nantucket in the month of November. “There would roughly be three people at the beach, and as a result, it became a public issue,” she said, laughing.


In a recent video shoot for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, she and her first cousin Naomi displayed what Dr. Jill Biden is like as a grannie (grandmother). “I would say she is just not any average grannie,” Naomi mentioned laughingly. "She is a troublemaker, and she is terribly mischievous." Natalie superimposed, “We have a ton of memorable stories.”

Is Robert Hunter Biden Joe Biden’s grandchild?


The second child of Beau (the second one of Joe Biden's kids) and Hallie Biden, born in 2006, was named after his deceased uncle Henry Martyn Robert Hunter Biden (eldest of Joe Biden's kids). The 16-year-old joined his cousins and sister at the 2020 Democratic National Convention to recite the pledge of allegiance. He is also active on Tik-Tok and is often seen surrounded by females.

Are there two Beau Bidens in Joe Biden’s family?


One of Joe Biden’s kids, Hunter, antecedently dated his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, after the death of Beau (the second one of Joe Biden's kids). However, as per the reports, they split in 2019. He then married an African country native Melissa Cohen that very same month; six days post their meet-up. They welcomed a baby boy in March 2020 and named him Beau after Hunter’s late brother Joseph R. “Beau” Biden.

Who is Navy Joan Roberts?


Hunter (the eldest of Joe Biden's kids) conjointly welcomed a baby in 2018 with Lunden Alexis Roberts. Although at first, he denied being his dad, a paternity case stated that he is the legal and biological dad of Navy Joan Roberts.

Who is the recent addition to Joe Biden’s family?


The Joe Biden clan added another member in March 2020. Hunter Biden and his wife Melissa Cohen welcomed a healthy and beautiful baby boy.

Does Joe Biden have pets? Who are they?


Joe Biden has three pets, too - Willow, Commander, and Major Biden.


When they first step foot in the White House, the Biden family had two German shepherds named Major and Champ.

Four-year-old Major became the primary shelter dog within the White House post his miraculous recovery with Joe Biden's family. Champ died in the month of June in 2021 at a mature age of thirteen, whereas Major was sent away for professional training (due to a few biting incidents) to Delaware.


Since then, the Biden family has adopted Willow, a 2-year-old house cat from Pennsylvania.



Joe Biden may be an honorary President to the world, but by heart, he is more proud to be a father and grandfather. With this article, we hope we answered all your doubts regarding Joe Biden's kids and grandkids.


His wife, Jill, wrote (and published) a children's picture book, Joey: The Story of Joe Biden. In this book, she has mentioned the younger years of Joe Biden - his younger self and him as a son. Also, this illustrated book highlights young Joe's passion for family and community and his standing up for whatever is right. The book also sheds light on how these qualities helped him on the path to becoming Vice President and eventually the President.

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How many Joe Biden's kids are there in total?

Does Joe Biden have daughters?

What is the age of Ashley Biden?
41 years.

Who is the wife of Beau Biden?
Hallie Biden.

What is the age of Joe Biden’s wife?
69 years.

What is the age of Hunter Biden?
52 years.

Where was Joe Biden born?
Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States

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