A Lion King themed birthday cake for a 3 year old goes viral and evokes varied emotions on twitter

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Lion King Themed Cake (Twitter)

What’s the most special day for a kid? It’s the birthday, as parents often throw a party with the fancy cakes, meals, friends and varied theme parties. Recently, there was a Lion King themed birthday party for three-year-old Leona and pictures from the party have gone viral on the social media.  Leona’s uncle Casey Feigh, shared the picture of the cake on social media. The Lion King-themed cake captures the scene where Simba discovers that his father Mufasa has died. “My niece turned 3 today!! She asked for a Lion King cake but specifically the moment where Mufasa dies, because ‘everyone will be too sad to eat the cake and it will be all for me.’,” Feigh said in the caption explaining the picture.

The post was shared on May 30 and has got over 706K likes and 119K retweets already, generating conversation on the social media. The post has also resulted in twitter world sharing about the themed-birthday parties hosted for their respective kids. Kate Elizabeth shared, “My niece also turned three today. She wanted an ice cream cake, but not cold. Her mom is a genius.” Another user, Angela had ordered a Finding Nemo themed cake for her 3 year old. “When my son turned 3 he requested a cake themed for “the diver man that takes Nemo” . 3 year olds are the best!”

Some users on twitter went emotional too seeing the death scene of Mufasa, and tried to convey the emotional undercurrents of the scene in question.“It’s a scene where even god cried,” said Arheddis. Winda Wester on the other hand exclaimed, “Damnit, Mufasa isn't just lion around! HE'S DEAD, JIM!” Check out the tweet and responses below:

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