Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce: Beauty pageants are now more about social responsibility

Mexican Model Vanessa Ponce created history by becoming the first Mexican to be crowned Miss World. In the ceremony of her coronation as Miss World 2018, she promoted her project called "Na Vili", whose objective is to help the children of the indigenous day labourers.

Last year on December 12, Mexican Model Vanessa Ponce created history by becoming the first Mexican to be crowned Miss World. Sitting across the table in a luxury seaside hotel in Mumbai, Venessa was at ease - relaxed and composed. Winning the crown was a huge responsibility, but more importantly, fulfilling the responsibility is even more difficult. One that she has been fulfilling with elegance. “Mexico has been very close to the win a few times. This time, I felt that I had to do it not just for my country, but for me, and for the people I represent. When I was crowned, I couldn’t even react, I froze. Returning home was one of the happiest days of my life. Seeing my mom standing at the airport, knowing that she was proud of me. Or for that matter, when people were shouting my name. I never thought I would experience all that.” Her career in the modelling world received a fillip post her win at the reality show, Mexico’s Next Top Model. Speaking about her journey from a model to being the Miss World, she said. “Life has changed a lot. Now, I am barely home. I am always travelling, meeting new people and doing projects. Most importantly, when I was in Mexico, I was a Mexico girl working with a non-profit.  Working as the Miss World comes with its pros. It’s altruistic to see that the projects you work upon have a heart. It’s aimed at transforming lives in every country we visit.”

“I love spending time with people, and when they ask me for a photo on the street I just stop and have a conversation with them. It’s an honour to be Miss World, and it’s my honour to say hi to everyone. It gives me the opportunity to speak with them and share my project,” she continued. In the ceremony of her coronation as Miss World 2018, she promoted her project called "Na Vili", whose objective is to help the children of the indigenous day labourers who emigrate from State of Guerrero, Mexico to State of Guanajuato, Mexico. Asked if she has already got bored with the cliché question of “Beauty with brains”, she couldn’t hold her smile. “I see beauty with a purpose has transformed over countries as we go to. It’s not beauty pageants anymore. It’s about social responsibility. It’s about taking care of your own people, and that’s something that is changing across,” she said.

“For example, in my country, I see the new contestants, and they are so committed, and that’s nice to witness. It’s definitely a change. Today, they are not just pretty; they are committed, they are compassionate, and prepared,” she added. She, however, confessed the pressure is immense during the contest. “I am more relaxed now. When I was a contestant for the Miss World title, it was very hard to see other girls. You wake up and see they are taller than you, some of them are gorgeous. It takes a while to understand and explain it to self: how can you compare yourself with them when you have such different lives. Thus, one day, I promised myself I wouldn’t be distracted by comparison if I am captivated by purpose. I just started doing my thing. I started talking about my project. I started preparing to have more people. Then competition fades away because you are not on the same road. That been my daily mantra thence. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing, other people are expecting. Keep moving forward,” she said.

Recently, Venessa was in India and was bowled over by the food and hospitality of the country. She even said in an Instagram post that her visit to India is never like a tourist, but a pilgrim. Her connection with the Indian traditions was conspicuous when the Miss World 2018 crown was passed to Vanessa by Miss World 2017, Manushi Chillar, at Sanya City Arena. Vanessa graciously folded her hands, gesturing a Namaste. Her equation with Manushi was evident from the various Instagram posts after she crowned Miss India 2019. “Following Manushi’s example is very hard because she has done so much to change India and her project was amazing. I hope someday I would make as much as a change which she has done in her country,” she said.

Her social media has been buzzing, getting her the title of being an Instagram queen. She also has a good following from India. “The followers in India are amazing. They will send you a good morning message, or they welcome you to India on social media. They tell me to try different things in India; experience it. They have been texting me or DM-ing me all over my social network. I just wish India was smaller so I could travel and meet all of them,” she said making this writer smile with her optimistic approach to the same irritating ‘good morning’ messages we all get. Perhaps, it’s just the matter of looking at a country and its people from a different vantage point.

Credits: pinkvilla


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