Pokimane issues apology, vows to reevaluate cookie pricing following controversial 'broke' joke

Pokimane, a leading figure in the streaming community, has recently found herself at the center of a controversy surrounding the pricing of her Myna cookies.

Published on Nov 20, 2023   |  01:45 PM IST  |  169.8K
(Image Courtesy: Twitter)
Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Pokimane
Key Highlight
  • Pokimane faces criticism after joking about fans' finances in response to cookie pricing concerns
  • The content creator issued a public apology on Twitter, clarifying her intent and expressing regret

Pokimane, a key personality in the streaming community, has recently found herself at the heart of a debate about the pricing of her Myna cookies in the fast-paced world of online content creation. Pokimane, known for her gaming talent, collaborations, and anti-sexism in gaming activism, experienced controversy after making an apparently humorous remark regarding the price of her cookies during a November 18 live. 

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The ill-fated joke and its impact 

During the contentious stream, Pokimane reacted to comments about the $28 price tag of her cookies, defending the pricing by breaking down every bag. However, her choice of words, notably characterizing certain followers as "broke," sparked a firestorm of criticism on social media. Fans and detractors alike questioned the remark's appropriateness, causing Pokimane to offer a public apology on Twitter the next day. 

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Pokimane apologized for her words, clarifying that they were meant as a joke, and acknowledged the insensitivity with which they were taken. She displayed a dedication to understanding her audience's concerns by expressing apologies for any harm caused. This event shows the careful balance that content providers must strike between comedy and consumer perception, especially when dealing with sensitive themes like price. 


A promise to reevaluate pricing 

Pokimane officially committed to reevaluating the cost of her Myna cookies, realizing the impact of her comments and the possible financial burden on certain followers. In a post on Twitter, she said, "I also understand the current price of the cookies may be expensive for some, and promise we'll continue to consider pricing to keep myna as affordable as possible." This commitment indicates a willingness to listen to audience input and knowledge of the necessity of keeping product pricing accessible. 

As the dust settles, all eyes will be on Pokimane's next moves. Fans are waiting for specifics on the changed pricing system for Myna cookies, as well as conjecture on how this decision would affect the larger streaming community. Will Pokimane find a happy medium between paying manufacturing expenses and making her products more accessible? The events that follow will not only define the narrative around this tragedy but will also serve as a case study on how content makers overcome problems while maintaining a good relationship with their audience. 

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Know more about Pokimane's cookie controversy:

What sparked the controversy surrounding Pokimane's cookies?
Pokimane faced backlash after making a lighthearted joke about the affordability of her Myna cookies during a November 18 stream.

How did Pokimane respond to the criticism?
Following the online backlash, Pokimane issued a public apology on Twitter, clarifying her intent and expressing regret for any offense caused.

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