Red Blood Moon Day: India gears up for a Super Lunar Event on May 26

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Red Blood Moon Day (Getty Images)

On May 26, the first Lunar Eclipse of the year will occur and the astronomers have claimed that it will be a total lunar eclipse. South Asia, East Asia, Australia and much of South America and North America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Antarctica aside, even India will be able to see Eclipse on May 26. It is said to be a special day as it’s a super lunar event, with Supermoon, Lunar Eclipse and a Red Blood Moon, all at once.

In India, this will be visible for a short span of time from North Eastern parts of country in West Bengal, Odisha, Andaman and Nicobar Island. The partial phase of eclipse will begin at 3.15 pm and the total phase will begin at 4.39 pm. While the total phase ends at 4.58 pm, the partial phase will conclude at 6.23 pm on May 26. The next lunar eclipse will be visible from India on November 19, 2021, however, that would be a partial lunar eclipse.

For those unaware, Lunar Eclipse occurs on a full moon day when Earth, comes in between the Moon and the Sun and when the three objects are aligned. According to some beliefs, people avoid using sharp objects during the eclipse and some even observe a fast. There is also a period after the eclipse wherein people avoid doing any auspicious work. It starts 9 hours before the eclipse and ends with the eclipse. So well, are you looking forward to the Red Blood Moon Day?

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Anonymous : What are u going to see when the sun is not even set?
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