What is Lana Del Rey's prophecy and which celebs have been named in it?

In 2020, Lana Del Rey released a statement calling it 'Question for Culture' while calling out these seven female artists.

Published on Jul 31, 2023   |  04:54 PM IST  |  249.7K
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Key Highlight
  • Lana Del Rey once released ‘Question for Culture’ publicly appealing which mentioned seven arti
  • Three years later, each of these artists is dealing with their own controversies, one by one

Lana Del Rey is one of the iconic singer-songwriters of the current times. She has very unique and vintage approach when it comes to music. Apart from being an independent music artist, she is quite popular for openly taking digs and being vocal about issues. It was in 2020 when Lana Del Rey released ‘Question for Culture’ publicly appealing which mentioned seven other female artists.

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It's been three years since her release, and now all the artists she named are now a part of some controversy. And now fans and online users have noted this mentioning how it is proof of Rey’s prophecy. Lana Del Rey released an impromptu message in the open which she titled ‘Question for Culture’ which also spoke about her personal reputation.


Lana Del Rey's prophecy comes true?

In the letter, she referred to her critics as ‘pathetic’, and she questioned whether she could return to singing about being embodied and feeling beautiful while in a relationship—even if it wasn't perfect—without being accused of glamorizing abuse.

The seven artists whom she named in her letter were Doja Cat, Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce. Especially for her name-dropping of other artists at the expense of making a point, the comment was not well received at the time. But now, three years later, each of these artists is dealing with their own controversies, one by one this week in the order which Lana said.


Artists from Lana Del Rey's prophecy who went through scandals and controversies 

Doja Cat

The first person to lose it on Rey's prophecy was Doja Cat, who faced criticism after declaring that she didn't love her fans and urging them to remove their fan accounts.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande was the next one who has recently been accused of being a 'homewrecker' due to her relationship with Ethan Slater.

Camila Cabello 

Days after Rauw Alejandro announced that he parted from Rosala, Camila Cabello followed suit with rumors that she was seeing him.

Cardi B

Cardi B grabbed attention after a video of her throwing the microphone at a fan during her concert went viral.



A fan page for Del Rey has turned to Twitter to mock Kehlani for breaking her leg while attending Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour in an effort to support Del Rey. The user wrote, "Kehlani breaks her leg at the Beyonce concert, fulfilling the Lana prophecy," in the post.

Fans are paying attention since four of the seven mentioned artists have got into controversies. As they wait to see what will happen to the three survivors, they have begun to refer to Lana's speech as a prophecy.


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