Who is Kaitlyn Fung? 18-year-old NYU freshman accused of stealing her roommate's items worth 51000 USD

According to reports, a freshman at New York University took a stash of costly products from her roommate, whose wealthy father has connections to Vladimir Putin.

Published on Jun 17, 2024  |  04:39 PM IST |  207K
Image Courtesy: Facebook
Image Courtesy: Facebook
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  • A NYU freshman allegedly stole a stash of luxury items from her roommate who has link yo Putin
  • Aurora Agapov has accused her roommate Kaitlyn Fung of stealing her items worth $51,000 worth

Kaitlyn Fung, a freshman at New York University (NYU), has been accused of robbing her roommate. The 18-year-old Fung is suspected of stealing expensive goods valued at about $51,000 from her roommate, Aurora Agapov. The lawsuit has been filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court.

The lawsuit also claims that Fung promoted luxury brands including Gucci, Chanel, and Bvlgari online. All of these items are thought to be part of stolen goods. According to reports, Agapov, whose father is a Russian gold mining magnate, has links to Vladimir Putin.

What did Kaitlyn Fung steal from Aurora Agapov?

After finishing her first year last month, Aurora Agapov, a 19-year-old London native studying arts, found her missing belongings. Fung and Agapov lived together in the Founders Hall dorm on East 12th Street. They had been buddies since their first year at NYU.

Suspicions about Fung's involvement surfaced when a receipt from a thrift shop called The Real Real was discovered in her wallet. Several items missing from Agapov's possessions were noted on the receipt. According to the New York Post, The Real Real has an app and also a physical store on Wooster Street in Soho. 

Agapov told The Post, "It broke my heart. My mother gave me those items as gifts. I have a lot of sentimental attachment to them." In May, the entire scope of the theft came to light. Agapov told Fung to go stay somewhere else for the night and then moved her belongings out of their dorm room.


According to the lawsuit, Fung only received $2,485 in payment for Agapov's $13,000 worth of Bvlgari jewelry. In the same way, a $2,000 Chanel Strauss bracelet brought only $175. Fung is also charged with stealing handbags from Celine and Gucci, which Agapov subsequently found.

What are the charges Kaitlyn Fung is facing?

The Post claims that on May 2, Fung was charged with third-degree grand larceny and then freed from custody. However, she is still facing charges in a criminal case. Agapov discovered that Fung's mother had already picked up her goods days earlier when she went to The Real Real's physical store to get them. Agapov is now requesting $51,000 in damages and the return of any unsold stolen goods as a result.

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