Who is Norman Lear’s wife, Lyn Lear? Exploring her life, career and relationship with former TV legend

Take a look at the remarkable life of Lyn Lear, a filmmaker, psychologist, and philanthropist, alongside TV legend Norman Lear, in their 36-year love story.

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Key Highlight
  • Lyn Lear, a filmmaker and psychologist, contributed to societal change through documentaries
  • Lyn and TV legend Norman Lear shared a 36-year bond marked by shared passions

Norman Lear, the iconic TV creator, shared 36 beautiful years with Lyn Lear before his demise in December 2023 at the age of 101. Lyn, his third wife, played a significant role in his life and accomplishments, contributing her own talents and passions to their partnership.

Lear's publicist confirmed his passing at his Los Angeles home due to natural causes. A private family service will be held soon.

Lear's family expressed, "Thank you for the heartfelt love and support for our remarkable husband, father, and grandfather." They said, "Norman lived with creativity, persistence, and compassion, cherishing our nation and striving to uphold its core principles of fairness and inclusivity. Our time with him was an extraordinary gift. We appreciate your respect as we privately commemorate his remarkable life."

Lyn Lear's filmmaking career

Lyn Lear is an accomplished documentary filmmaker known for addressing critical societal issues like climate change, politics, and mental health through her production company, Lyn Lear Productions.

In 2020, Lyn received an Emmy nomination for executive producing the Netflix documentary The Great Hack, marking her own distinct achievement alongside Norman's historic nomination at the age of 98.

Norman Lear-Lyn Lear's academic background and shared interests

Norman Lear and Lyn Lear's love story stands as a testament to shared passions, dedication to social causes, and the enduring power of communication in a lasting partnership.


With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Lyn initially connected with Norman over shared intellectual interests, particularly over her dissertation exploring religion and fundamentalism in America. They also co-founded The Lear Family Foundation, supporting various nonprofit organizations and emphasizing environmental causes through the Environmental Media Association.

Norman and Lyn shared three children together: Benjamin, Madelaine, and Brianna. Their enduring relationship was fueled by open communication and finding time for each other. Despite differing worlds, they made it a priority to share breakfasts and dinners together, valuing their moments for conversation and connection. During an interview for PBS's documentary on Norman Lear, Lyn highlighted their efforts to "share breakfast whenever feasible."

She noted their divergent interests but emphasized their commitment to discussing their days and having dinner together. "We always have dinner together at night and we talk about a lot of things at night," she said. "We make appointments to talk about things as well ... And when we drive to places, we talk in the car. We talk as much as we can, she continued.

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What is Norman Lear best known for?
As the producer of All in the Family, he transformed sitcoms into a mode of expressing patriotic opposition.

How old was Norman Lear?
A significant figure in television history and a prolific producer was 101 years old at the time of his demise.

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