World Economic Forum shares benefits of drumsticks aka Moringa and Indians have hilarious reactions to it

World Economic Forum made a revelation about drumsticks and well, Indians are not surprised with this well known information.
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The Internet is a surprising place. Every day, we get to read or see something unexpected or we come across an unknown fact about a person, place, thing and even vegetables and fruits. One such vegetable that's got the people of the internet in shock is drumsticks or sahjan or moringa. All this happened after World Economic Forum (WEF) shared interesting stuff about it.

Erik Solheim, a Twitter user took to his Twitter page to share the benefits of moringa or drumsticks. Erik wrote, "The moringa tree from India is a disease fighting super hero. It can purify water, be used as bio fertilizer and help treat serious diseases. It may be a future super food. Amazing!" 

Well, this time the Indians are surprised because they already knew the benefits and are surprised how the West is learning about it now. One of the Indian Twitter users shared, "Well South Indians have been having this for ages. popularly called Drumstick btw."

Check out the reactions:

Well, Ithe internet is truly a bizarre place. Isn't it?

What do you have to say about WEF's not-so-surprising revelations?


Sahguru mentioned it in one of his discourses as superfood. The west heard it.... and now claim it?

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