World Emoji Day 2019: Apple and Google all set to launch 20 new emojis; find out

July 17th is celebrated as World Emoji Day, all around the globe
World Emoji Day 2019World Emoji Day 2019: Apple and Google all set to launch 20 new emojis; find out
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Well, it is a known fact that all you millenials and young at heart adults (read: our parents and extended family) are all over social media. Whatsapp has become the 4th need of mankind, after, food, water and shelter. The madness has escalated to another level and so much that we even see our grandparents addicted to messaging apps and social media. 


While social media sure is addictive there is one feature which was heavily instrumental in making the whole system extremely personal, the emoticons. So today happens to be World Emoji Day and why is it celebrated is something which is not really known to the human race. However, to make this day special, Apple and Google have confirmed that they’ll be launching 20 new emojis. There are a total of 59 emojis which are on the way out of which 20 will be made live super soon. 


Apple confirms that they’ll be launching the new 20 emojis this fall which means that it’ll coincide with the OS 13 update. The major influencer brand also stated that the update will be available on Mac and Apple Watch. 


The new set of emojis are more real and detailed to the T. One of the new emojis is that of the yawning face (we wonder why wasn’t it there as yet?). Clearly, this is one emoticon is going to be a major success with our text messages filled with the yawn emoji. The rest of them are a welcome change which puts forth the welcoming development which is seen in the society. Apply has come up with emojis of different colours and races, this one is definitely a commendable move. 



The new set of emojis have also set an example as they promote diversity. We’ll see details like the hearing aid, or someone using a cane as they have sight issues. The emoticons are available in 12 versions, 6 skin tone variations and 12 gender and colour combination. The animal kingdom too has certainly expanded with the entry of a flamingo, skunk, orangutan and sloth. 




A happy inclusion for all the desis. The emoji section will now have a cute auto and a saree emoji too. 




So are you guys excited to see Apple launch the new emojis? What do you think about them? Do you think we need more variations? What are your suggestions comment below and let us know


Happy World Emoji Day! 

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