Bigg Boss 12 contestants & best friends Romil Chaudhary & Somi Khan unfollow each other on Instagram? Find out

Bigg Boss 12 contestants Romil Chaudhary and Somi Khan unfollowed each other on social media, find out
Romil Chaudhary and Somi Khan unfollow each other on social mediaRomil Chaudhary and Somi Khan unfollow each other on social media
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Though the reality show Bigg Boss 12 is over, but whenever we come to think of the three months that we were hooked to the show, we are reminded of Dipika Kakar- Sreesanth’s bhai-behen rista and Romil Chaudhary-Somi Khan’s love-hate relationship. While Romil and Somi Khan started on a very good note, having become best of friends, but towards the end of the show, their friendship turned sour. Yes, at the end of the show, their dosti didn’t go down well with their respective family members as during a task, when Romil’s wife entered the show, she addressed Somi as Romil’s sister and questioned their friendship. Later, when ex-BB 12 contestant and Somi Khan’s sister, Saba Khan entered the show, she too advised Romil and Somi to maintain distance since people in the outside world are questioning their friendship.

Soon after, we saw that Somi Khan and Romil had an argument over it and while both were seen telling the housemates that there is nothing more than friendship between them, during the course of the show, Romil and Somi distanced from each other and started having a lot of fights and arguments. Now, the show is over and while most of the ex-BB contestants like Sreesanth, Shivashish, Dipikar Kakar, Megha Dhade, Srishty Rode, Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota, among others have been meeting each other and chilling together, looks like, Romil and Somi are not in contact. We say this because according to a report in India Forums, when Romil Chaudhary was asked if he is friends with Somi or not, the mastermind of BB 12 said, “Yes I have unfollowed her. I don't want to comment on the thing now.”

While Somi and Romil don’t follow each other on social media leave alone talking over the phone, but Somi Khan is in touch with Bihari singer Deepak Thakur and the two often leave comments on each other’s Instagram pictures.



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