Bigg Boss 12 December 27 Highlights: Priyank Sharma, Gautam Gulati & Kamya Punjabi enter the house for a task

Today, former Bigg Boss contestants Priyank Sharma, Gautam Gulati & Kamya Punjabi will be seen challenging the housemates in a task to win the lost prize money back. Catch all the LIVE action here.
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Bigg Boss 12 is about to reach its end as the finale is just 3 more days away. With the stakes high, the housemates have been doing their best to get maximum votes from the audience. Today, we can expect to see one last task in the house which will help the housemates win back the whole prize money. For this task, former contestants Priyank Sharma, Kamya Punjabi and Gautam Gulati will be seen entering the house. 

They will be seen putting the housemates against one another in a task where the housemates have a chance to increase the show’s winning prize money. Gautam, Priyank and Kamya will be competing against the housemates and will try to stop them from winning. We will get to see Deepak, Surbhi, Romil, Sreesanth, Karanvir, Dipika battle it out with the former contestants. However, who will win the task is what we will get to see in the upcoming episode. Also, the housemates will be shocked as Bigg Boss will announce Mid-week evictions before the finale. Who will be evicted just before the finale? 

Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for all the LIVE updates from the Bigg Boss house.

9:59 PM:  The housemates are happy to get the gifts. Salman sent the same bracelet he wears. Housemates sing Happy birthday for Salman Khan

9:50:  Romil and Sreesanth argue alot. Post this, Sreesanth announces that Salman Khan has sent all housemates gifts on his birthday. 

9:45 PM:  Eviction is announced and Surbhi is eliminated from the house. She gets emotional and hugs Romil. She leaves the house. KVB gets angry with Romil over the fact that Dipika and Sreesanth switched and took his name in unsafe contestants. Romil goes to Dipika and Sreesanth congratulates them. Romil accuses Sreesanth of abusing the astrologer Sanjay Jumani. 

9:34 PM:  The bell rings and everyone mobs the tap. Priyank fills the bucket first and then Surbhi's team fills the bucket. The task gets over and the Dipika announces that Surbhi, Romil and Deepak win the task. The prize money of the season is now Rs 50 Lakhs. Kamya, Gautam and Priyanka bid goodbye to everyone. Deepak talks to the camera that now its just 6 contestants in the game. Deepak and KVB are talking to each other. Deepak asks KVB does he think Deepak will win the show. KVB says that he won't answer the question. KVB is announcing Mid week evictions which will happen with the help of facial-recognition cameras. All the housemate are asked to pack their bags. Bigg Boss announces the safe contestants Sreesanth and Dipika. Bigg Boss asks who they feel are unsafe contestants. KVB, Dipika, Sree and Deepak say Romil and Surbhi. Bigg Boss announces the safe contestants Karanvir and Deepak. Between Romil and Surbhi one will be evicted. Both are asked to come close to the main door. Surbhi and Romil are given a chance to say something before the decision. 

9:20 PM:  Dipika asks Deepak, Romil and Surbhi to keep control of their aggression. The alarm rings and the task begins. Deepak reaches the tap first and fills his bucket. Gautam tries to block them. Priyank covers the tank. Romil, Surbhi and Kamya are fighting for the bucket with full water. Romil manages to fill another bucket. The water stops and Priyank also manages to take 1 bucket water. Gautam calls Surbhi very strong. The alarm rings and Surbhi reaches the tap first. Deepak uses some house tool to collect water. Gautam also gets a cushion to use to fill water. Kamya stops Surbhi from filling water in her bucket. Water gets over again. Gautam tries to talk to Sreesanth and asks him to treat everyone with love and respect. The alarm rings and Priyank fills the bucket first. Next, Surbhi tries to fill her bucket but the water stops coming now. Surbhi blames Gautam of blocking her. Kamya is telling Romil about Somi and his relationship angle and how it was blown out of proportion. Kamya makes fun of Surbhi, Deepak and Romil with Sreesanth and Dipika that they might now even get the money for which they are fighting. Kamya asks KVB why was he hiding ration items in the house. They are laughing. 

9:10 PM: Deepak is talking to Sreesanth. Sreesanth is lying on the bench. Dipika also joins them. Deepak and Dipika are talking about Romil. Deepak says he is arrogant and his pride will make him fall one day. Sreesanth and Deepak are sleeping in the house. Bigg Boss rings the alarm. Surbhi asks Romil to wake them up otherwise they might be punished for Sree and Deepak sleeping. Romil goes to Sreesanth and he taunts him that he might be trying to break his record of laziness. Priyank, Kamya and Gautam enter the house. The housemates are happy to see them. Kamya tells the housemates how they should conduct themselves in the last days. Now, Bigg Boss asks them to gather in the living area. He informs the housemates that they have the last chance to win back the lost prize money with a task. The housemates have to compete against Kamya, Priyank and Gautam. The task is called BB water station. 3 Current housemates will fight against Former contestants. Dipika is the sanchalak. Each team will have to fill their respective tanks. Deepak, Romil and Surbhi fight against Gautam, Kamya and Priyank. Kamya congratulates Sreesanth for sacrificing being safe for Dipika. Kamya, Gautam and Priyank are strategising 

9:00 PM:  The episode begins with a peppy song, 'Paani Wala Dance'. 

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