Bigg Boss 12 December 6 Highlights: It’s Surbhi Rana vs Rohit Suchanti in this week’s captaincy task

After the BB School bus task, Surbhi Rana and Rohit Suchanti became this week’s captaincy contenders. Today, we will see them compete with each other for the captaincy in a musical task. Catch all the action here LIVE.
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Bigg Boss 12 is one of those shows on Indian television that the audience loves to watch for the drama and action. Be it the high-octane fights or the funny banter, the housemates are a source of entertainment for the viewers. Yesterday, we saw two big fights in the house. One between Sreesanth and Rohit and, the other, between Deepak and Somi. Both the fights went out of hand and, today, we will get to see the repercussions of the same. 

Also, after the BB school bus task, Surbhi Rana and Rohit Suchanti were declared winners. Today, we will see them face off in a task for captaincy of the house. Bigg Boss will introduce a task called sangeet sabha wherein the housemates will have to pick between Surbhi and Rohit. Both of the contenders, try to convince the housemates to support them. However, given their past record, it will be interesting to see, who wins this week’s captaincy. 

Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for all the LIVE updates from the house. 

9:59 PM:  Somi asks Megha to remove her stuff from Srishty's bed. Somi says that she doesn't like Megha and Jasleen's late night talking. 

9:50 PM: Surbhi asks Deepak to sing a song for Megha. Deepak sings a song for her. Surbhi has won the captaincy task and has been named the captain of the house. Dipika and Sree are sitting together. Romil and Rohit try to replay Sreesanth's T20 world cup's last catch. They are giving their take on the same. This makes Sreesanth annoyed. Romil asks Sree to explain how did he catch the last ball. Sree and Romil exchange heated words. Sree is feeling bad as he has to listen to everyone's taunts. Romil, Megha and Jasleen are discussing his fight with Sree. Romil walks in the house and apologises to Sreesanth.  

9:34 PM: Deepak sings a song for Sree's wife as a dedication. Somi also supports Surbhi after Sreesanth. Deepak sings a romantic song for Somi. Romil and Megha are sitting together and discuss on who to support. Megha says she will support Surbhi. Buzzer rings and Megha sits in front of Surbhi's stage. She supports Surbhi and says Rohit is disrespectful towards women. 

9:30 PM: Surbhi and Deepak are discussing the fight that happened during the task. KVB is also called to clarify what exactly happened. Rohit also comes in the discussion. Surbhi says that after she saw that everyone is playing for himself, that is when she decided to play for herself. A new day begins with a song, 'Koi Yaha Naache Naache', pointing towards the captaincy task. The housemates dance it out on the song. Jasleen and Megha are talking to each other about captaincy. Deepak and Surbhi are also sitting there. Rohit comes and says that he doesn't want to talk to Megha. Somi and Surbhi are talking. Somi accuses Jasleen of trying to make her jealous of her closeness with Romil. Romil reads out the rules of Captaincy task which is called Sangeet Sabha. Rohit's side will have Jasleen and Surbhi's side will have Deepak on her side. Whoever's stage has 3 performances by their respective singers that person will win the task. KVB is the sanchalak of the task. Surbhi and Rohit start convincing everyone to support them. Rohit keeps convincing everyone by saying Surbhi has already become the captain 3 times. Sree already has declared his support to Surbhi. Task begins and Sree sits infront of Surbhi's stage. 

9: 20 PM:  Sree and Romil start convincing the housemates to help them clean the cars. KVB says that Sree asked him first. KVB is playing from Sree's team. Jasleen says she is ready to support Romil as she considers him a friend. The housemates are all engaged in cleaning the cars. Dipika, KVB, Rohit and Surbhi are in Sree's team. Buzzer rings and Deepak assess the cars and votes for Sreesanth. Sreesanth wins the task. Sree announces that Surbhi performed the best and gives the car keys to Surbhi. Rohit, Jasleen, KVB and Rohit are in the washroom and are discussing the task. Sreesanth also joins their fun. Surbhi and Sree are discussing about captaincy. Surbhi and Sreesanth are discussing their past fights. Sree says he hates when Surbhi goes after Dipika. Sree thanks Surbhi for supporting him in the car task. Romil and Somi are talking to each other late night. Somi gets angry on Romil and says he should leave her alone. She calls Romil mean and says that he plays with other's emotions. Surbhi is laughing on Romil and Somi. She is trying to tease Somi who is angry with Romil. Deepak asks Romil what happened to Somi. Romil says she has said that she won't talk to him after today. 

9:10 PM: Deepak and Romil are discussing who they will support in captaincy task. KVB says to Deepak that Rohit is double-faced and should not be trusted and they should not support him. KVB says he doesn't want to play with Surbhi but he thinks she will make a good captain. Deepak and Karanvir hug it out. Bigg Boss announces that this season will be known for similarity among housemates. Bigg Boss says that all the housemates react in the same manner. Bigg Boss points out Deepak's behaviour of hitting himself. He says the show is not about shouting on each other or of this sort of behaviour. Bigg Boss asks the housemates to introspect their behaviour. Jasleen and Megha thank Bigg Boss for this advice. Jasleen and Megha are talking about Deepak's behaviour in the washroom. Jasleen, Sree and Megha are talking who will be in the top 5. Sree says Deepak behaved this way because he could not take failure. Karanvir is reading the rules of a sponsored task which is for the luxury budget. The two teams are headed by Sreesanth and Romil. Each team has to be cleaned by Sree and Romil's team. Deepak is the coordinator. 

9:00 PM: KV and Deepak are sitting together on the swing and are commenting on Rohit's behaviour in BB school bus task.

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