Bigg Boss 12: Deepak Thakur punishes himself for betraying Somi Khan; Rohit & Surbhi call it ‘fake’

In today’s episode, we will see Deepak Thakur punishing himself after betraying Somi Khan in the BB School Bus Task. Read details.
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After a day full of fights and arguments, Surbhi Rana and Rohit Suchanti win the captaincy task and become the two contenders for captaincy. While on the one hand, Surbhi and Rohit are seen celebrating their win but on the other hand, Deepak Thakur was seen punishing himself as he betrayed Somi in the task. For all those who don’t know, Deepak admires Somi and time and again, Deepak has expressed his love for her. And therefore, as soon as Deepak loses the task, he locks himself in the bathroom and starts hurting his hand. Later, Deepak is seen punishing himself in the night as in the promo, we see Deepak angrily running on the treadmill and jump in the swimming pool after the lights went off in the BB house. 

During the task, Deepak is shocked to see Rohit and Surbhi teaming up against him to win the task and as a result, Deepak, on being betrayed by his friends, comes to realize that there are no friends in the house and goes to Somi to apologize. Clearly, by far, BB School Bus task has been one of the most interesting tasks of the season because of one, the task made friends turn enemies and two, it helped the contestants in winning the prize money back. As soon as Rohit notices Deepak, he informs the gharwale and later, he is seen telling Surbhi that this is Deepak’s strategy and he is faking it to seek attention. Later, Somi goes to Deepak and asks him to stop punishing himself. 

The promo starts with Deepak saying saam dam dand bedh and later, we are shown a shirtless Deepak running continuously on the treadmill and taking a dip in the swimming pool. It will be interesting to see Deepak’s behavior in tonight’s episode, and whether he is doing this out of pure guilt or is it just another strategy by him. Stay tuned for all the updates!


I don't think he's punishing himself for betraying Somi, he's punishing himself for trusting Surbhi and Rohit and those two making a complete fool of him. His ego is hurt, that's all...Na idhar ka raha na udhar ka...

Yes he realised Surbhi, Rohit betrayed him and he was playing for Surbhi from the start. When time came Surbhi teamed up with rohit and didn’t hesitate betraying her biggest supporter. That’s why Deepak is feeling heartbroken.

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