Bigg Boss 12: Dipika Kakar goes against Nehha Pendse as she disqualifies Khan sisters from captaincy task

Somi Khan and Saba Khan accuse Nehha Pendse of being biased during the captaincy task and housemates support them. Nehha's fans on twitter support by calling her decision of disqualifying Somi fair. What do you think?
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On day 18, jodi contestants won the Jwalamukhi task, and Somi Khan-Saba Khan, Romil Chaudhary-Surbhi Rana and Shivashish-Sourabh were the jodis with the highest number of balls collected. And thus they had to compete amongst themselves. One member from each jodi had to participate in the task which required them to hold a ring. Whoever holds the ring until the last will become the new captain of the house. The fight between Khan sisters and Surbhi which started after Surbhi lectured Somi for taking promises continued during the task and in fact got worse.

Surbhi intentionally breaks Somi’s cup which had eggs and later blames Somi for pulling the rings. Nehha who is the sanchalak of the task disqualify anyone who was doing that. Eventually, she disqualifies Somi and Somi breaks into tears. Her sister Saba supports her. In the upcoming episode promo, we can see Saba and Somi blaming Nehha for being biased. Somi cries foul play and tries to justify herself.

Inmates too support Khan sisters as they are irritated with Surbhi’s behaviour. Dipika Kakar who is a good friend of Nehha Pendse is also seen saying that what Nehha did today was wrong and she stands with Somi and Saba.

Check out the video promo.

While housemates are against Nehha, her Twitter fans are in support of her. People have supported Nehha saying she wasn’t biased and Somi was actually applying strength by using both the hands. Check out some tweets.

Who according to you was right, Somi or Nehha? Tell us in the comments below.

Earlier, we had told that Surbhi will win the task and become the new captain of the house along with Romil Chaudhary.

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