Bigg Boss 12 November 27 Highlights: Dipika Kakar calls out Surbhi Rana; inmates start the luxury budget task

Bigg Boss 12 tonight will turn into a battle ground as the luxury budget task will see everyone throw some dirt on each other to find their way through the allegations.
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Bigg Boss 12 seems to have been riding on its own twists and turns with all that it has in store for the viewers. Right from all the love and friendships to hatred and fights, Bigg Boss always has it all and in just the right capacities. Last night we saw yet another fight between Romil Chaudhary and Somi Khan. And now, it is time for the luxury budget task with the house being divided into two teams. Deepak and Dipika are the mukhiya of their own teams while Jasleen Matharu and Somi Khan will be the Sarpanch.

10:00 pm: On the other hand, Deepak, Karanvir, Surbhi, and Rohit plan out their moves for the next part of the task and Deepak then says that he will pick Megha and reveal before everyone everything that she has talked about the housemates so far. Karanvir then adds that Sreesanth and his case should also be a part of their task the next day.

9:55 pm: Somi walks up to Surbhi and tells her how she has hurt him with this allegation and she goes on to say that she is sorry for putting out the brother-sister bond during the task, however, she doesn't like him staring at her after all. While on one hand Megha asks Romil to just let it go, he complaints to Somi that Surbhi's apology isn't all that genuine. 

9:40 pm: The luxury budget task then comes to an end. Meanwhile, Romil is hurt and breaks down post the allegations levelled by Surbhi Rana. Somi and Jasleen turn his saviours and try to console him. Romil sys that he doesn't do any such thing and he is just thinking when any such incident happens.

9:30 pm: Dipika goes after Romil for calling her double-faced and also goes after Rohit for being disrespectful. Deepak, however, wins the case here and Dipika and Deepak get into a fight. Romil then gets into an argument with Jasleen as she tells him how he is no judge of her game, and he shouldn't do that. 

9:20 pm: Having heard both sides, the Sarpanch rule out the decision in Dipika's favour and after much deliberation with the others, Surbhi says that the decision isn't fair. Meanwhile, Rohit Suchanti and Jasleen Matharu go against each other. Rohit then becomes a little aggressive after Romil says he threw coffee purposely, while Surbhi accuses Romil of staring at her.

9: 10 pm: Karanvir reads out the luxury budget task and the title for the week's task is BB Panchayat. Everyone will be dressed up in the characters that have been assigned to them and Deepak and Dipika will get to present the case and also make allegations against the opposite team. Through this, Jasleen and Somi are expected to be unbiased and call the contestants for trial. The to will have to declare the winner based on the entire drill. Dipika starts off by calling Surbhi fake and Deepak goes on to target Romil. It is Dipika's case that is head and Romil is called out as a witness.

9:00 pm: The day starts off with the song Desi girl. Somi is talking about Romil to Surbhi and tells her how she shooed him away when he apologized. Surbhi then teases Deepak with Somi's name while Romil continues to put in efforts to solve his fight with Somi but she is just not ready to listen.

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