Bigg Boss 12 November 28 Highlights: Sreesanth thinks Jasleen Matharu will get evicted this week

The BB Panchayat task has taken over the Bigg Boss 12 house and major revelations have already happened. With the task, Jasleen Matharu and Somi Khan happen to have a major disagreement while Deepak Thakur and team begin their plotting.
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The BB Panchayat task is on in Bigg Boss 12, and as the two teams are fighting to win the luxury budget task, a lot of revelations have been made and accusations too. As the inmates gear up for the second day of the task, a lot is about to transpire. All of the fights inside the house seemed to have come just out and how as everyone bears their heart out and says what they think about other inmates.

10:10 pm: Jasleen and Somi continue fighting, which is why they fail to come to a conclusion. Bigg Boss is then forced to intervene and takes the decision. The task ends in a draw with each of them having 3 points each. Deepak and Surbhi then call Jasleen partial. Rohit also calls out Deepak and tells him how he played mindlessly while Surbhi says that it is her who him the mastermind. 

9:55 pm: Sreesanth talks to Deepika and tells her that Deepak is a lukkha. Surbhi and Rohit on the other hand point at his sexuality. Sreesanth then says he doesn't feel well and Somi tries to make him understand the situation. Dipika and Deepak play the blame game, and while Dipika accuses Karanvir Bohra of being fake, Deepak calls out Dipika as fake. Meanwhile, Jasleen and Somi have a divided opinion as they are both trying to save their friends which in turn ends into a fight.

9:45 pm: Rohit's comment irritates Sreesanth and he goes up to him to hit while he is in the washroom. An angered Sreesanth challenges Rohit to come inside the washroom if he has the nerves to do so. Rohit then says that it will not come across as dignified if they do so, but Sreesanth is adamant and tells him that not everything can be done on camera. Amidst all of this, the inmates are trying to calm them down and Rohit walks out of the powder room.

9:35 pm: Deepak alleges Sreesanth of disrespecting everyone in the house. And to this, both Jasleen and Somi accept and call Sreesanth in the witness box. Dipika now has to defend him, and she says how he has been ranked one in the ranking task and is in fact, also entertaining, which is why he deserves to stay on the show. Then comes another revelation from Rohit Suchanti as he says that he also abused Dipika. While Rohit is stern on his point, Sreesanth says that he did not such thing and asks Rohit to not lie.

9: 20 pm: Meanwhile Sreesanth and Dipika Kakar have a discussion where Sreesnath tells her that Jasleen is acting so aggressive because she knows that she might get evicted this week. He also says how he will give it back to her if she tries to get aggressive with her.

9:15 pm: The luxury budget task moves forward and Deepak alleges Megha of having spat on him and also thrown the show at him. She then takes her stand and tells him that she will only follow the tit for tat policy and her behaviour is a reflection of the behaviour of the other person. She also says how instead of throwing the shoe, she would hve rather hit him on the face if she wanted to. Siding with Megha is Dipika Kakar. Meanwhile, JAsleen and Somi have a discussion as to who should they give a point to and their decision comes out in favour of Deepak. 

9:05 pm: The inmates wake up to Ranveer Singh's Malhari. As Sreesanth plays the mediator, both Dipika Kakar and Romil Chaudhary stand by his side. Deepak Thakur seems to be accused of having changed to a different not so nice person, in contrast to how he was by Romil Chaudhary. Sreesanth says that he has his game in place as he has watched the previous seasons of the show. Romil then says that he is too full of pride. 

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