Bigg Boss 12 November 6 Highlights: Surbhi’s comment on Jasleen & Anup Jalota’s relationship leads to a fight

It's happy club vs the entire house after yesterday's nomination task. Stay tuned as the housemates get into a big fight with each other.
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After a bomb that was dropped by Sree on the members of the Happy Club, tonight on Bigg Boss Season 12, expect some fireworks as these nominated contenders aren’t going to stay quiet! Continuing from yesterday’s nominations, Dipika went on to nominate Surbhi. Post the nominations ki prakiriya, the house seems to be against The Happy Club members. Going forward, Surbhi was seen targeting Jasleen and Anupji's relationship. An already upset Jasleen retaliated and gave it back to Surbhi for getting personal with her. Does it get ugly between the two here onwards?

10:14 PM: He says the kaal kothari reminds him of jail. He gets angry at KV, Vikas as they called him badtameez. In the promo of the next episode, we can see Karanvir and Sreesanth getting into a heated argument.

10:02 PM: Sreesanth discusses Surbhi's behaviour with Megha. Srishti tries to take ghee, Sreesanth stops her, this makes her angry. Srishty talks with KV in the outhouse, Romil stops her from doing so. She says he should not teach her what to do. KV also decides to go to the main house. Romil says the sanchalak is not supporting them and discusses the strategy with his team. During a discussion with Megha and Rohit, Sreesanth says he was the man of the match of the two games, where India won against South Africa. He made 50 crores in white but was still put inside Tihar Jail, for no fault.

9:50 PM: Sreesanth is trying to start a fight with Karanvir and calls him and his family badtameez. KV calls Sree disgusting. They get into a heated argument. Rohit walks out of the task andgives his ticket to Srishty. Later even Megha gives her ticket to Srishty.

9:40 PM: Romil and Deepak are now targetting Mehga Dhade. Megha calls Deepak 'do kaudi ka tuchha'. Surbhi joins Romil and Deepak and is leaving no stone unturned to irritate Mehga. Bigg Boss introduces luxury budget task, 'Yahan Wahan'. Srishty is the sanchalak of the task. Rohit Suchanti tells that Karanvir is now on Happy Club's side. Everyone is strategising about the BB luxury task. Surbhi is trying her best to irritate Sreesanth, Sree leaves the outhouse and thus gets disqualifies from the task. Sreesanth tells Bigg Boss that he doesn't want the captaincy.

9:30 PM: Surbhi and Deepak sing 'Mujhe Buddha Mil Gya' song for Jasleen. Within no time, Jasleen loses her calm on Surbhi and both of them get into an ugly fight. Deepak and Surbhi taunt Jasleen that she doesn't have an identity of her own. Deepak taunts Jasleen and call her a gold digger. Deepak asks Karanvir that if he dates someone for 3 or 4 years, does that allow him a right in his partner's property. Jasleen breaks down and asks Romil to speak up as this is not right. Shivashish is taunting on Somi and says she keeps stammering. She feels bad and starts crying. Surbhi consoles Somi and asks her to irritate Shiv as he is trying to work out. Somi does so and stands in between and does not allow Shivashish to workout.

9:20 PM: Romil Chaudhary tells that Sreesanth is one contestant who disrespects everyone. Karanvir tells Shiv that Sree is the most unpredictable person inside the house, so he can't trust him. Sreesanth thinks that SurbhiRana's stunt to break everyone's scarecrow was wrong! Megha says she won't let anyone from the happy club become a captain from the house. Deepak hides Kaal kothri's keys. Later at night, Sree has a breakdown and tells bigg boss that he wants to go home. Housemates wake up to 'Idhar Chala Udhar Chala' song. Surbhi and Deepak are leaving no chance to tease Jasleen.

9:10 PM: Dipika tells that she wanted happy club to be nominated this week and breaks Surbhi's scarecrow. Annoyed Surbhi breaks all the left scarecrows and also get into an argument with Dipika. Romil, Somi and Deepak tell that they will create a commotion in the house this week, says only Karanvir will escape their anger and asks him to choose one of his fellow mates Karanvir says he will join the happy club and create commotion in the house. Deepak and Jasleen get into an argument after she calls him double-faced.

9:00 PM: Sreesanth and Deepak get into an argument because of nominations. Sreesanth says that last week 9 contestants were nominated, Deepak calls Sreesanth fake. Soon, Surbhi, Romil and Somi join him. Deepak calls him a liar. Somi tells that Sree influenced Shiv to run from the house. Deepak and Surbhi say that Shivashish was not wrong, but Somi tells Surbhi to not support her friend. The entire happy club targets Sreesanth. The ex-cricketer gets irked with Surbhi's annoying behaviour. He tells Shivashish that Dipika did not say anything. Deepak gives back Sree's bracelet and tells that he will also give him his jacket back. Deepak removes his bandage and tells Sreesanth that he is injured but still performs. Surbhi tells Deepak that Sreesanth never performs in a task.

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